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Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Movie Reportedly Shelved at Lucasfilm

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has contributed greatly in building up what the MCU has turned into today. However, a surfaced report previously indicated that the Marvel boss was in the process of developing a Star Wars movie, too. Back in 2019, Feige was rumored to produce an untitled Star Wars movie at Lucasfilm with Loki writer Michael Waldron. Unfortunately, that future project is looking dimmer than we remember.

Exclusively reported by Variety, the untitled Star Wars film that was initially supposed to be produced by Feige alongside Waldron is no longer in active development at Lucasfilm. Deadline, on the other hand, clarified that the project is not entirely “dead”, just that it is not in active development at the moment.

While reasons are unknown behind the sudden halt on the project, it is likely because of Feige and Waldron’s dead-set focus on bringing Marvel out from the swamps first. Marvel Phase 5 is not looking good based on the negative reception from Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which more or less urged the studio to gradually decrease their release of content over the course of the year.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Lucasfilm Already Mapping Out Plans for Post-Sequel Trilogy Star Wars

While it’s disappointing to see that Feige’s canned Star Wars movie is no longer in the works, this doesn’t mean it won’t resurface years later. After all, Lucasfilm is currently mapping out their plans for a post-sequel Trilogy Star Wars. There’s a chance they’re already one step ahead in avoiding what Marvel is going through right now.

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Feige and Waldron’s Star Wars project was kept under wraps, but was previously teased to be a “disconnected story”, which was not elaborated on aside from being a “family-themed” film that didn’t stem from previous Star Wars films and TV shows.

Star Wars fans won’t be seeing this anytime soon. But seeing as the obscure project wasn’t exactly necessary in the universe, based on first look assumptions, fans can rest easy until Feige and Waldron are ready to return to this.

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