Is Kazi the Informant of the Killer of Maya's Father in Hawkeye?

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

Hawkeye Episode 5 was a bomb of revelations that exploded into the small screens and it shocked so many that it broke the internet when it aired. It was packed enough to set up the grand finale of the series which will definitely give more questions and answers throughout the canon show. One of which is the killer of Maya’s father as Clint revealed it has been an ordered hit. Was the informant Kazi?

Is Kazi the Killer of Maya's Father in Hawkeye?

Is Kazi the Informant of the Killer of Maya's Father in Hawkeye?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Is Kazi the Informant of the Killer of Maya's Father in Hawkeye?

In Episode 5 of Hawkeye, Ronin, Clint Barton sent a trick arrow containing a message to Maya Lopez to come to the place of her father’s death and it was a hilarious scene where a member of the tracksuit mafia was utterly shocked as he thought the arrow would go straight to his face. More than that, when someone is told to come alone, more often than not, they won’t.


Same with Maya, the loyal Tracksuit mafia was with her when she met with Ronin. One by one, Clint took them out of the picture as non-lethal as he could and he started with Kazi. Of course, a battle ensued between formidable fighter, Maya, and when she is at the disadvantage, Clint finally reveals himself to her as Ronin.

Maya was surprised and Clint Barton talks to her about what happened on the night of her father’s death. It was revealed that the boss of Maya wanted her father to be killed. When Maya was angered about the revelation, she almost attacked Clint but he was saved by Kate this time.

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Later, Maya met with Kazi. She interrogated him where was he the time her father was killed since he was in town and the number two of the boss but didn’t attend the meeting. Kazi looks worried and said he didn’t get the call. It seems that Maya realized something and went away quietly but the look on her face was full of doubts.

Could it be that the informant that tipped off Clint is Kazi? Is that why Clint asked him to tell Maya to stop looking for Ronin? Could Ronin and Kazi met before? Kazi’s answers to Maya look like a lame excuse not to attend the meeting while he was in town at that time. Is it possible that he was the informant who knows that Maya’s father was about to be killed that night? Of is he the one under the Ronin costume that time?

We might get the answers next week in the finale of Hawkeye. Episode 5 is now streaming on Disney Plus.