Hawkeye Episode 5 Reveals Yelena's Fate During the Blip

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

In Hawkeye Episode 5, Ronin, the introductory part focuses on Yelena after the events of Black Widow where she, along with another, is on a quest to free all those who were controlled by Dreykov. They tried to break Ana from the spell but it turns out she’s not controlled and then things went spiraling down as the snap of Thanos took effect, revealing Belova’s fate during the blip.

Hawkeye Episode 5 Reveals Yelena's Fate During the Blip

Hawkeye Episode 5 Reveals Yelena's Fate During the Blip
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Hawkeye Episode 5 Reveals Yelena's Fate During the Blip

In the first few minutes of Hawkeye, it’s Yelena’s past that has been featured and it focuses on her and another black widow as they are on the mission which picks up what happened at the end of the solo outing of Black Widow.

Yelena sets out to find all the other widows who had been under the control of the program set out by Dreykov. Upon being freed by an antidote, the rest of it has been used on others so they could live the life they deserve. As for Yelena, it became her advocacy, a mission she had invested herself into, considering that widows are hard to find.

In the house of a widow, Ana, they tried it on her and she wasn’t under control. They did some catching up and Ana could afford such a lavish lifestyle because she kills for money. They map out their plans to find others around the world. Yelena had this dream of having a Sex and the City lifestyle after freeing all other widows.

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When asked about Natasha, Yelena took a deep breath and excused herself to the restrooms. Upon looking at the mirror, it was revealed that Yelena perished into ashes and in a bit, everything around her changed as she had been blipped back. What felt like five seconds for her was already five years.

Upon going out, the whole house has changed, a husband and a child was there and Ana was so worried and surprised on Yelena’s return. Ana briefed her on what happened and that she had been gone for five years already.

Yelena’s first thought was to look for Natasha but everybody knows Romanoff lost her life for others, sacrificing herself so Clint could retrieve the soul stone, a heroic act mostly overlooked by many. If not for her, Yelena wouldn’t be back. It is possible that she doesn’t know of the whole story and once Clint reveals what Natasha really did, Yelena may finally arrive to her senses that Clint didn’t kill her sister.

See more of Yelena Belova in Hawkeye. Episode 5 is now streaming on Disney Plus.