Iconic Moments From One Piece, Naruto, and More Feature in Vaundy Music Video

vaundy music video one piece ace

vaundy music video one piece ace

It seems that the artist Vaundy isn’t putting on the brakes anytime soon, as he has released yet another song. This time, Vaundy has a new song with a music video that treats manga fans to some iconic moments from One Piece, Naruto, and various other titles.

This new music video was released recently, and it celebrates lots of popular manga, both iconic classics and popular contemporary works.

Thus, it’s a must-watch for any and every anime fan.

Vaundy’s Anime Works

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Vaundy is one of Japan’s most popular artists, and he is especially well-known among anime fans for his singing and production work for two popular shows and an anime film.

In Fall 2022, Vaundy released Chainsaw Blood, the first of 12 ending songs for the mega-hit Chainsaw Man.

Though even before this, Vaundy has performed songs for other shows as well.

Before Chainsaw Man, Vaundy also lent his talents to Ranking of Kings. He specifically performed the show’s opening song titled Oz.

While not exactly Vaundy’s song, he produced the track called Backlight, which is sung by Ado. This song was used in the movie, One Piece Film: Red.

However, Vaundy’s latest work is not for one specific show. Instead, it is for a campaign that celebrates the manga industry and its artists, all while promoting the importance of supporting manga works through legal means.

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Vaundy’s Latest Music Video Highlights Iconic Manga

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Vaundy’s new song is titled Thank you and it celebrates various popular series and serves as a thank you to all the readers who support these works.

The music video might be short, but it’s packed with lots of panels from popular manga titles, including the likes of One Piece, Naruto, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and many more.

You may check it out here:

Aside from the classics, the video also features contemporary hits like Chainsaw Man, Blue Lock, Demon Slayer, and other titles.

This video was made in collaboration with Stop! Kaizokuban (or Stop Piracy in English), an organization that advocates against manga piracy in Japan.

On the organization’s website, a list of all the manga featured in the video can be found, as well as messages from various well-known authors.

Because of how easy it is to share manga online, even Japan seems to be struggling with manga piracy.

Although, it is being combated through the proliferation of online reading platforms such as Shonen Jump+.

Meanwhile, fans outside Japan have long had to rely on fan translations to keep up with new series.

Now though, more official platforms are available such as Manga Plus and Manga Up!

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