Where to Read Chainsaw Man Legally Online for Free

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Where to Read Chainsaw Man Legally Online for Free
Credit: MAPPA

After months and months of hype, the Chainsaw Man anime release date is finally approaching, with the shonen anime scheduled to start airing in 2022. If you would rather tackle the source material first, it's a great time to pick up the manga that started it all. But where is the best place to read the Chainsaw Man manga legally online for free?

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About Chainsaw Man

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Credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man is a shonen manga written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

It is set in an alternate timeline where certain historical events have not happened, or have unfolded differently.

In this intriguing but scary world Devils are born from human fears. These can be malevolent beings, though they might also help humans and even form contracts with them.

The main character Denji lives in poverty, working as a Devil Hunter - a person who hunts and employed demons to forge contracts with humans - in order to pay off his dead father's debts. He's accompanied by his pet Pochita, a Chainsaw devil.

When he outlives his usefulness, Denji is betrayed and murdered. Unexpectedly, Pochita merges with him and makes him the titular Chainshaw man, a hybrid creature with the ability to transform parts of his body into chainsaws - but this time around, he has to live a normal life!

Where to Read Chainsaw Man Legally Online for Free

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Credit: MAPPA

If you want to read Chainsaw Man legally - which is really important as artists need to be paid for their work - there is no 100% free way, but Shonen Jump by Viz is the most cost-effective option out there.

Shonen Jump is home to a wide range of titles. For ongoing works, it allows you to read the latest three chapters legally online for free, so if there's an ongoing series you're all caught up with, you can read the latest updates without ever having to pay.

The bad news is that this isn't the case with Chainsaw Man. The good news is that this means part 1 of the Chainsaw Man manga is completed, so you don't need to wait in order to enjoy it.

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You can read the first three chapters of Chainsaw Man on Viz for free to decide if it's for you. From there on, you can unlock up to 100 chapters per day for only $1.99 per month.

The Chainsaw Man manga is less than 100 chapters long, so you might even be able to finish it within a month if you don't want to keep paying for an account - though, given how many titles VIZ has, you might be tempted!


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