Is One Piece Film: Red Canon?

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Is One Piece Film Red Canon Uta

Before we discuss if One Piece Film: Red is canon or not, it is important that we discuss what canon means. Canon in anime means that it is officially part of the main story, and was made by the creator of the light novel or manga.

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One Piece Film: Red is a fantasy action-adventure anime movie related to One Piece. It is the 15th feature film in the franchise and it focuses on Uta, a newly-introduced female character.


Is One Piece Film: Red Canon?

Is One Piece Film Red Canon Uta and Luffy

One Piece Film: Red is not canon in terms of the current manga continuity. However, Eiichiro Oda is known to provide hints and foreshadowing, which is why One Piece fans still made sure to watch the movie despite knowing that it is non-canon.

Even before the movie was released, Shimizu, the producer, already announced that One Piece Film: Red is a separate story.

Is One Piece Film Red Canon Uta

The difference from other films is that the movie gives information about Shanks through Uta, which will be beneficial in the progress of the story.

As everyone knows, Shanks is an important character in One Piece, so knowing more about Shanks can provide some answers to questions that fans might have about the main story.


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Is Uta a Canon Character?

Is Uta Canon Uta

Even if the film is not canon, Uta is considered canon as she was created by Oda. This means that her past with Shanks is essential to the overall story.

Uta is also Luffy's childhood friend, which adds more importance to her character.

She was also introduced in some chapters of the Wano Country Arc so fans were not surprised to meet her in One Piece Film: Red.

She also made an appearance during Shanks' flashback in One Piece Chapter 1055.


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What Is One Piece Film: Red About?

One Piece Film: Red follows the story of Uta, a well-loved singer. She was known to conceal her identity whenever she performs, and her voice is known to be otherworldly.

In the film, Uta holds her first-ever live concert, so all of her fans made sure to attend.

Even Luffy and the Straw Hats came to the said concert to witness her remarkable voice. Everyone is looking forward to hearing her live.

What is One Piece Film Red Canon About Uta

The twist is that Uta is actually Shanks’ daughter. The story then proceeds to unfold more secrets and twists from there.

The movie made its world premiere in Tokyo and was shown on 495 screens all over Japan. It was also released internationally in countries such as France and Taiwan.

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