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8 Best Sites to Read Manga Legally Online

Best Sites to Read Manga Legally Online Gojo
Credit: Gege Akutami / Shueisha / VIZ Media

Whether you started with anime or manga, you're bound to want to read some of the latter at some point. So, where can you read manga legally online? We've gathered some of the best sites to do just that!

With many anime discontinued or taking liberties with the source material, the manga is the best way to find out the fate originally intended for your favorite characters -- and it can be much more complex too.

But manga volumes can also be costly and take up too much space on your shelves, so check out where you can read manga legally online instead!

  1. Crunchyroll

    If you love both anime and manga, Crunchyroll might be the best way to explore both legally.

    While the website is widely known as one of the best places to watch anime, it also has a significant manga library with many titles to choose from.

    The premium plans Crunchyroll has to offer start at $7.99 monthly, but you can have a 14-day free trial first and decide if it's for you.

    Compared to other platforms, Crunchyroll is known for its variety, so it'll take a lot to get bored of its titles.

    If you're interested in manga only, the Crunchyroll Manga membership is $4.95, but if you want to have access to everything the platform has to offer, the price goes up to $11.95 per month.

    If you like to read on the go, Crunchyroll also has a handy app, which is available for both Android and iPhones so you can read your favorite manga wherever you might be.

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  2. comiXology

    comiXology is an Amazon company distributing manga for Android, Kindle, and iOs.

    Unlike other websites on this list, it's not limited to Japanese manga. As the title indicates, American comics like those by Marvel and DC are also available on the site, so this is definitely something to take into account if you like those too.

    Apart from the fact that it's kindle-friendly, allowing you to have your manga in the same space as your ebooks, comiXology allows you to enjoy manga and spend less.

    As is the case with most ebooks, electronic manga is much more affordable. For example, a volume that could cost $9.99 or more as a physical copy can cost $6.99 or less as an electronic one.

    But this is not all. If you're a regular manga reader, you don't even have to buy every volume you read.

    You can just try comiXology Unlimited, a feature like Kindle Unlimited. This allows you to read over 25,000 titles -- comics and manga -- for just $6 a month. This is worth considering if you read more than one volume per month.

    With $10 per month or $70 a year, Marvel comics can also be included.

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  3. VIZ

    VIZ is ideal for manga lovers, particularly for shonen fans, as it's directly related to Shonen Jump, a weekly manga anthology published by Shueisha.

    For decades, this magazine has been the go-to for many fans, and it's bound to bring you the latest popular works, many of which are adapted into anime.

    VIZ is home to popular titles such as Kimetsu no Yaiba, My Hero Academia, and Boruto. Its handy calendar allows you to be the first to find out about new releases. Even better, it comes at only $1.99 per month.

  4. Book☆Walker

    Book☆Walker has one of the richest anime libraries out there, ranging from classic to new titles, and that is not all! The popular website also has over 300 light novel series, which are often trickier to find outside of Japan.

    Unfortunately, Book☆Walker doesn't have an unlimited option, which means that you have to pay for each title separately.

    There is a limited amount of mangas and light novels that you can read online for free, which is often updated, so it's worth checking out.

    An average manga issue will normally cost around $8.30 to $12.00, but there are also less expensive titles, with filters that allow you to only look at specific price ranges if you want to budget.

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  5. Manga Planet Library

    Manga Planet might not have a handy app for mobile devices, but this doesn't prevent it from being an excellent legal solution for manga readers.

    For a site that hasn't been around long, it has a decent variety of translated titles at logical prices.

    Starting at $6.99 per month, you can read a large amount of manga, including several romantic titles. And if you're unsure about it, don't worry: the first chapter of each manga can be read for free, meaning you can read quite a few titles and see if you'd like to consistently keep reading them, justifying the price. 

    If you only want to binge a specific title for less than a month, $1.99 per week is also an option!

  6. MangaPlaza

    MangaPlaza is a new digital anime store that will allow manga fans to access nearly 50,000 manga chapters from 2,000 titles, including some of the most popular ones, such as Attack on Titan and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

    With a wide range of genres and a 7-day free trial, this is a great new option to try. From there, a subscription costs $6.99 per month.

  7. Mangamo

    Mangamo is a relatively new manga website that was founded in 2020.

    At this point, Mangamo is still expanding its library and counts around 400 titles so far.

    Manga fans can subscribe for $4.99 a month, which provides unlimited, ad-free access to all the manga on the website.

    You can download the app on Google Play or Apple Store and read manga anywhere.

  8. Manga Plus

    Manga Plus by Shueisha is another solid option for reading manga legally online.

    Unlike the case of other websites on this list, Manga Plus is completely free to use.

    However, this means there are fewer manga titles available, but they do seem committed to expanding their library to the best of their ability.

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