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Hunter x Hunter: Yoshihiro Togashi Shares First Look at Kurapika in New Chapters

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There is little doubt that people are already excited about the return of Hunter x Hunter. After all, Yoshihiro Togashi has been dropping little updates on the new chapters of the manga, sharing his illustrations on his Twitter account. Amazingly, the latest update confirms Kurapika will be back very soon.

Yoshihiro Togashi created his Twitter account back in May to announce that he will continue working on new chapters of Hunter x Hunter. It didn't take long before fans started following the account to get regular updates on his progress although the posts haven't exactly shown us a clear idea of what is happening in the manga.

Luckily, things have changed as Yoshihiro Togashi's new tweet features a sketch of Kurapika, the sole survivor of the Kurta clan. Check it out below.

It's great to see that Togashi is still doing an excellent job at illustrating our beloved characters and we're happy to know that Kurapika will be back in the new chapters. Needless to say, we can't wait to see similar pages being shared on Togashi's Twitter account.

Yoshihiro Togashi had previously addressed his health issues and shared some surprising details about how difficult it was to get back to work. The mangaka stated that he was "unable to sit in a chair to draw for about two years" and cautioned his fans to "take care of your hips." Togashi then continued by stating that using the toilet was no longer easy for him and reminded fans who will be attending an upcoming exhibit to be careful when picking up something they had dropped.

For now, the new chapters of Hunter x Hunter have not yet been given a release date. In the meantime, the career-spanning Yoshihiro Togashi exhibition is happening in October 2022.


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