Hunter x Hunter Halts Weekly Serialization Due to Yoshihiro Togashi Health Issues

Hunter x Hunter is now on indefinite hiatus. The manga, which recently resumed with new chapters, will halt its weekly serialization as creator Yoshihiro Togashi continues to deal with health issues.

Hunter x Hunter Halts Weekly Serialization

Earlier last week, Weekly Shonen Jump announced that the next chapter of Hunter x Hunter will not be published in the magazine's 4-5 issue. The statement confirmed that the publication of Chapter 401 is still undecided and that the manga will no longer get weekly serialization due to Yoshihiro Togashi's health.

"As for the publication of the manga, Chapter 401 and after, we have discussed with Togashi about his health condition, and as a result, we have decided to publish Hunter x Hunter in a format other than weekly serialization," the statement read.

"Togashi-Sensei will continue to write the following chapters, and the Editorial Department will continue to support him until the completion of the manga. Specific publication dates and methods will be announced in future issues of Weekly Shonen Jump," the statement concluded.

When Will Hunter x Hunter Return?

At this point, Yoshihiro Togashi will need more time before he could complete Chapter 401. Although Hunter x Hunter will cease weekly serialization, the manga could be published bi-weekly or monthly.

For now, Weekly Shonen Jump has not yet announced the new publication format for Hunter x Hunter.

Earlier in May, Yoshihiro Togashi created a Twitter account to announce that Hunter x Hunter is getting four new chapters. Since then, he became the most-followed mangaka on the social media platform and Togashi had been sharing updates on the manga. However, he has been notably absent from Twitter in the past month. Togashi's latest tweet, which was posted in November, confirmed that he was done with Chapter 400.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 401 has not yet been given an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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