Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 Release Date and Update

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When will Chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter release? It will be 3 years this 2021 since Hunter x Hunter had a hiatus, and fans are still waiting for the day that a new chapter will be released. Unfortunately, it seems like the wait will continue even this year.

When is the Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 Release Date and Time?

There were rumors last year that the 391st chapter will be released in 2020. But it seems that people forgot all about it when COVID-19 was introduced and took over the world in a short while.

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This was not the first hiatus as Togashi had a few breaks throughout the years. One reason is that he suffers from debilitating back pain, and there were a few instances wherein he discusses how it affects his body and his ability to work.

Here are some of Togashi's comments in Shonen Jump:


While this is true, some fans believe that Togashi is a talented guy with an awesome team, so why can't the chapter be released?

The last tweet by Yoshihiro Togashi is from June 20, 2017:


He hasn't said anything elsewhere in recent years regarding Hunter x Hunter and when Chapter 391 may be coming out.

While the answers are nowhere to be found, since Togashi won't say anything anytime soon, fans realized that Hunter x Hunter was able to break its record-breaking hiatus, which has skipped over 100 issues.

We hope Togashi is doing well during these difficult times, and perhaps he will be able to create Chapter 391 sooner rather than later.

What will happen in Chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter?

After the release of Chapter 390, fans believe that there are a lot of things that can possibly happen in Chapter 391. One theory is that the Spiders can be on the next chapter. Fans are looking forward to seeing Kurapika and Hisoka work together – if Togashi will allow it, of course.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 Release Date and Updated 3
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Another theory is that the Princes will be in the upcoming chapter. Fans are expecting that this will be a huge and interesting arc, and a lot of exciting things will happen. Some fans are expecting the conclusion of the Dark Continent Expedition.

Oher fans, on the other hand, believe that there will be a big clash on the unreleased chapter as Hinrigh and his pals might be found by the enemies. As time went by, more and more theories are released by fans and only time can tell which theory was right.

Togashi previously said he was already done with 10 chapters, which fans concluded that up to chapter 400 was done. But since there were no releases or even updates from Togashi or Shounen Jump, fans can only wait for Hunter x Hunter's return.