Here's the Only Real Way to Stop the Rumbling in Attack on Titan

How to Stop the Rumbling in Attack on Titan?
Credit: MAPPA

How to Stop the Rumbling in Attack on Titan?
Credit: MAPPA

Is it possible to stop the Rumbling in Attack on Titan? If so, how can Mikasa and the others do it?

The Rumbling is one of the main highlights in the manga and anime. This event alone wiped out 80% of humanity as it unhardened all of the Walls and released countless Colossal Titans to the world outside of Paradis Island.

So, is there any way to stop the Rumbling for good? Here's what we know!

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for the ending of Attack on Titan!

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Is It Possible to Stop the Rumbling?

Seeing hundreds or even thousands of Wall Titans will make anyone think it is impossible to stop the Rumbling. Attack on Titan's characters, however, prove that it's possible.

The idea of attacking the Wall Titans seems like guaranteed death, as we've seen with Hange.

Despite their skills and experience with Titans, they knew right there and then that facing these Titans would end their lives.

This is why the Alliance was made. The Alliance's purpose is to convince Eren to stop the Rumbling.

Is It Possible to Stop the Rumbling Eren Founding Titan
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Credit: MAPPA

Despite being a small group of individuals, the Alliance is comprised of four Titan shifters namely, Armin, Reiner, Annie, and Pieck.

Mikasa, Levi, Jean, and Connie are also there to assist in case the shifters need help.

It is not an easy task, but it is possible to stop the Rumbling. In fact, the Alliance was able to complete its mission, in spite of everything.

How Can the Rumbling End?

Knowing that they do not want to kill Eren, the first plan to stop the Rumbling is to talk to Eren.

Armin and Mikasa truly believe that they can convince the anti-hero to stop the mass genocide despite Eren telling them that no one can stop him.

Another option to end the devastating event is to kill Zeke. For context to those who need a refresher, Eren needed Zeke to activate the Founding Titan.

Without Zeke’s royal blood, the Founding Titan’s power would be gone, putting a halt to the Wall Titans’ movements.

How Did the Alliance Stop the Rumbling?

How Did the Alliance Stop the Rumbling Mikasa
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In the manga, Zeke coordinated with the Alliance. He worked with Armin to ask for help from the souls of dead Titan inheritors to distract Eren while Zeke gave Levi the cue to finish him.

Levi finished the job smoothly, and the Wall Titans halted their advance after Zeke's death. Jean then used the explosives to decapitate the Founding Titan.

Armin turned into the Colossal Titan to further destroy the Founding Titan's body and the remaining Titan husks.

To finish the mission, Mikasa went on to behead Eren.

Ymir saw what Mikasa did and helped her remove the chains connected to Eren.

Ymir realized that instead of staying with Eren as a way of showing her love, Mikasa chose to kill him for the greater good.

This realization helped Ymir let go of the Founding Titan, ending the Rumbling and the Titan Powers once and for all.

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