Hawkeye: What is Sloan Limited?

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

In their pursuit of clues and hints, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop finds out interesting stuff about their foes and it could lead them to something deeper as they snoop into the archives of Bishop Security by the end of Episode 3. While they were interrupted by a cut-off on the access and Hawkeye was cornered by Jack Duquesne, they found that Kaz is an employee of Sloan Limited. What is that company, anyway?

Hawkeye: What is Sloan Limited?

Hawkeye: What is Sloan Limited?
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Hawkeye: What is Sloan Limited?

In Hawkeye Episode 3, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop managed to escape from their captivity leading to a car chase with the Tracksuit mafia and Echo plus an awesome display of the different special arrows of Hawkeye. While they were walking the dog, they planned to sneak into the penthouse of Eleanor Bishop and dig deep into the archives of the company to get some information about the people they faced.

When they were accessing the files, they found out that Kaz is an employee of one Sloan Ltd, a company that rings a bell with Clint but couldn’t remember where he heard of it. While looking for clues, Hawkeye asked how Armand III died and she said that he was stabbed by a sword. Clint felt that someone was there and when he wandered off, Kate lost her access to the files and Clint was faced with a familiar sword, the retractable Ronin sword, and it is handled by Jack.

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It is possible that Sloan Limited is a shell company, one which is just a name but without any assets nor employees. It could be something that the criminal underworld is using to move money or contraband. With a lot of clues pointing to someone being supreme over the Tracksuit mafia other than Echo, as they mentioned, it was her uncle, these hints purport to the possibility of Kingpin arriving into the MCU.

In the comics, there is a character connected to Kingpin with the name Sloan, Willie Sloan. He was under Kingpin as a snitch. While there were a lot of comic book characters with the name Sloan, he is the closest and most possible to appear in the series considering the connection of Echo to Kingpin.

Hawkeye Episode 4 releases on December 8, 2021 exclusively on Disney Plus.

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