Gotham’s Nygma Combines Scary and Smiley Towards Becoming The Riddler

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There's no doubt that Gotham's latest season is playing with the dark side—somehow quite literally and figuratively, given the many villains and the darker tones it plans to undertake.

However, there's one character that still manages to put a smile on his face. No, it's not yet Jerome's Joker prototype. It's the awkward and odd Edward Nygma.

Everyone already knows that he will be going down the path of The Riddler. All those riddles back in the first two seasons, which annoyed the hell out of Harvey Bullock, weren't for nothing.

For this season, Nygma is going well into Riddler territory. Speaking to CBR, actor Cory Michael Smith revealed that while Nygma is not yet fully the Riddler, the events are leading him towards that ending.

"I think he has an idea of who he is. I think he has a sort of confidence that he found, especially in Arkham. It's just now he's like been relegated to a cell for months and months and months, and his spirit is down. But once he gets out, has a nice bath, gets his suit back… once he's out and he figures out his alliances and gets himself back going, the kind of excitement and the joy that he was experiencing with finally embracing his true identity—we get to jump back on that track."

More than getting back in tune with his dark side, Nygma may also be changing in terms of how he deals with the people around him. If before, we see him as the naïve and sweet Nygma with a crush on Ms. Kringle, now he may be a little more detached to avoid weaknesses.

Smith also added that Nygma may be relishing his new identity with more than just a brooding stance. If anything, the smile on his face whenever someone gets stumped with his riddles is the same way that Nygma may feel once he starts playing with people for real this time as the villain.

The newest season of Gotham has already started in Sept. 19. Check out new episodes on Fox every Monday at 8:00 p.m.

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