Gotham Season 3 Promo Shows Penguin is Here to Make His Mark

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Everyone in Gotham has been getting some screen time and info reveals.

We already know that Bruce Wayne will have an evil doppelganger. Commissioner Gordon will have to say goodbye to his ladylove Dr. Lee Thompkins, hello to a possible new one, and time out to his police work.

The villains are just as prominent for Gotham’s next season. Riddler may be fully emerging from Edward Nygma’s mind. Barbara and Tabitha will hail down hell with their Sirens club. And basically, now the spotlight is on Oswald “Penguin” Cobblepot.


The newest promo teaser sees The Penguin taking a stance of where he plans to be once the monsters of the city fully invade Gotham.

“Monsters have invaded Gotham, and the police have done nothing. So now is my opportunity to create a legacy. And make an indelible mark on this city. One my parents would be proud of.”

It seems that Penguin is still not over the death of his mother dearest. And now, he’s going for a more ruthless and sinister way to make sure that his mother will be proud of him, wherever she may be.




The promo video also sees Penguin inciting the crowds, noticeably from the world of the rich and the grittier crowd. I wonder how Penguin will play his hand this time. If there’s something you need to look forward to with Oswald, it would have to be his genius when it comes to plans. And if season 2’s events have served as a lesson, it will be quite the sinister one.

Gotham will be back for its third season on Sept. 19.

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