Gotham Will Expand the Story for Jim, the Court of Owls, & Poison Ivy

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The third season of Gotham is almost here. And while fans have a general idea of where the season will take the series, there are still some major questions as to how the story will get there and what will happen once it's there.

Speaking with /Film, Gotham Producer Ken Woodruff revealed a few key points that fans may want to look further ahead before the show premieres its new season.

Starting off with our resident good cop, bad boy Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), Woodruff explained that Gordon is supposed to be gone from Gotham City in search of Dr. Lee Thompkins (Morena Baccarin). Woodruff revealed that he won't be gone for long, but that the interaction that will happen with the two ex-lovers will dictate the status quo of their story for the entire season.


More interestingly, considering that Gordon is going away from Gotham, it seems that the producers are open to explore other cities, possibly in the DC universe.

"The first episode we're going to be outside of Gotham. We've actually been talking about it, in the room breaking a story where Gordon is going to be outside of Gotham. It's interesting to see. You have to take into consideration other DC shows."

This hints of potential references in the DC universe, though Woodruff did assure that fans who don't have an expansive knowledge of the DC universe won't feel left out from the inside joke. This is because part of balancing the story is ensuring that the cast still get to mingle with each other, especially since there' a lot of characters to work with.

As far as the villains and potential villains in the new season is concerned, Woodruff touched on their plans for adult Poison Ivy and the Court of Owls.

Apart from being a freak experiment gone wild, Poison Ivy was recreated to become an adult with the theme of seduction in mind. Granted, this is a big success when you compare child Ivy Pepper (Clare Foley) with the revamped Ivy (Maggie Geha). In fact, the story has changed not just her physical looks, but there's also an internal change that will bring her closer to the canon character of Poison Ivy.

Another group of villains that will make the new Gotham season more interesting is the fact that their mystery shrouds their real intent. And that means their actions may operate along the gray area of good and evil.

Gotham will premiere its third season tonight, Sept. 19, on Fox.

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