Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Shows Black Panther & Cap Clash, Crossbones & More

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If you thought Vision's charmingly quiet, modern look was the last of the concept artworks we'd see for Captain America: Civil War, then you're in for a few more treats.

Marvel has released (via Flickering Myth) some new artworks, this time showing off more characters. This last batch highlights some of the key points in the movie. There's the key scene where Scarlet Witch saves Captain America from being blown to bits thanks to Crossbones' explosives—just minutes before he gets hurled into the building full of innocent bystanders that led to the Sokovia Accords.

Crossbones also gets his own concept art, where he's changed from army man Brock Rumlow to become one of Cap's haters. Here, he's fully armed and dangerous with his machinery in tow.


We see Zemo standing over some of the other frozen Winter Soldiers, probably minutes before he shot a bullet through their brains.

There's also that epic fight between Cap and Black Panther in the tunnel, during the epic car, motorcycle, and Panther chase scene.

Finally, there's the scene where Bucky "Winter Soldier" Barnes gets his metal arm shrapnel-ed during the fight with Cap and Ironman.

Ironman also has his own artworks. There's the model concept art for his costume, and another one where he's blasting from above.

Captain America: Civil War is already out on Blu-Ray and digital.

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