Gotham Hints at the Effect of New Baddies Coming to Season 3

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When Gotham opens for its newest season, a lot of fans will agree that villains will be reigning the night. Worse, the guy who usually saves the day, Gordon, is nowhere near the police's side—he's on his side.

So how will this chaos play out? Gotham executive producer John Stephens gave TVInsider a sneak peek at where the whole thing will go.

The villains parade in the new season will start with the Court of Owls, which is now in control of Gotham. A new character in that group, Talon, will be seen in the third season.


There are also the new experiments from Indian Hill coming to greet the citizens of Gotham. Mad Hatter is basically the runner for the show, given the tagline "Mad City." There will also be other experiments such as Solomon Grundy, the now-older Poison Ivy, and Bruce Wayne's doppelganger.

Not only that, Fish Mooney's return will now lead to that all-out fight with Penguin, which has been brewing under the surface ever since the latter said goodbye to his subservient role. Stephens did tease that Mooney now has some "mad skills," though he didn't divulge any further than that.

Perhaps the biggest change is Gordon's stance in the whole thing. He's no longer part of the GCPD, but does that mean he'll be joining the villains ready to storm the night?

"We're going to see a different version of Jim at the beginning of the year. he's much more of a loner… and he'll be walking into very dangerous situations in order to have a spark of life. He's tempting fate in a way."

The good news, albeit not surprising, is that he will still go back to being the police and commissioner that we know he'll be. It's the when and the how that remains unanswered.

Gotham will return for season 3 on Sept. 19.

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