Gon’s Best Fights in Hunter x Hunter

Gon’s Best Fights in Hunter X Hunter

Gon’s Best Fights in Hunter X Hunter

Anime studios put a lot of effort and time into producing intense, mind-blowing, and heart-racing fight scenes, and Gon’s fights in Hunter x Hunter are good examples of those. Below are the five best fights of Gon Freecss in Hunter x Hunter you should keep an eye out for!

Gon faced various villains throughout the series, and each one of them is as threatening as the last.

As such, fans cannot help but cheer for Gon and throw insults against his enemy.

So, we chose the five best fights based on the intensity of the scene, the animation, and Gon’s development.

  1. Gon vs. Hanzo

    In the last part of the Hunter Exam, Gon faced Hanzo. The ninja is known for his experience and training, showing his advantage against Gon.

    This is emphasized during the fight as every time Gon attacks, Hanzo counters it and strikes him instead.

    Hanzo continues to strike, but Gon does not give up, even if he is in a bad condition.

    Hanzo even warns him that he can cut off Gon’s legs if he does not surrender.

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    While the animation and setup of this fight are rather simple, it is still considered one of Gon’s best fights as it shows his determination.

    He knows that he will never win against Hanzo and that the ninja can hurt him, but Gon still tries to fight fairly.

    Gon’s personality is one of the key reasons his fans love him, and this scene makes viewers like him even more.

  2. Gon vs. Gido

    Gido and Gon fought twice in the Heavens Arena. During the first time, Gon lost as he did not have proper Nen training.

    On the second time, Gon came prepared as he underwent Nen training, learned Gido’s fighting style, and came up with the best way to win.

    This fight is considered one of the best, as it showed how much Gon had improved over time.

    His knowledge of Nen widened, along with the different fighting styles he could use to his advantage.

    The animations were spot-on and intense as viewers could not take their eyes off the screen.

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  3. Gon vs. Nobunaga

    The Phantom Troupe captured Gon and Killua. The duo was questioned about their knowledge of Kurapika, who the troupe knew as the chain user.

    Thinking they were just a bunch of kids, Nobunaga challenged Gon to an arm wrestling match.

    Gon tried his best to win against the criminal, but Nobunaga’s strength was much greater.

    This scene is powerful even though the two only fought through arm wrestling. It made fans curious to know how Gon will win against the powerful criminal. Ultimately, he won, but it took Gon multiple times.

    Fans of Hunter x Hunter were no longer surprised by Gon's multiple attempts to win, as he is the type who never gives up. It was worth it in the end, though.

  4. Gon vs. Hisoka

    Gon has been one of Hisoka’s targets right from the start. Hisoka knows Gon’s potential but patiently waits for the latter to improve before they face each other.

    Their face-off was foreshadowed multiple times during the Hunter Examination arc, so when Hisoka and Gon met in Heavens Arena, fans could not help but be excited.

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    This fight was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated in the entire Hunter x Hunter series.

    Gon punched Hisoka in the face without the latter expecting it, but what Gon did not anticipate was the villain’s Bungee Gum skill. As always, Gon put his 100% into this fight, but it was still Hisoka who won.

    The scene’s animation was perfectly made, to the point that viewers had to watch it several times.

  5. Gon vs. Neferpitou

    The top one on this list is Gon’s fight against Neferpitou. Out of all the villains Gon faced, Neferpitou is the most powerful. Pitou is also the strongest guard of Chimera Ant King, which immediately poses a threat to Gon.

    Gon did not intend to face the Chimera Ant King’s guard but lost control after Pitou killed Kaito, Gon’s father’s friend.

    To make things worse, Pitou used him as a puppet. Gon wanted to avenge Kaito, and the only way he could do that was to kill Neferpitou.

    Adult Gon
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    Gon had to use up all of his Nen and even risked his life to gain all his abilities, becoming an adult Gon. The fight is considered gruesome and intense.

    This fight also showed a whole new side to Gon and his power. He improved so much to the point that he showed his ultimate power.

    It was the riskiest fight Gon faced that almost cost him his life.

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