Hunter x Hunter: All 6 Nen Types Explained

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Hunter x Hunter All 6 Nen Types Explained

Just like almost all shonen anime, Hunter x Hunter also has a unique power structure through Nen. There are 6 Nen types: Conjuration, Manipulation, Emission, Transmutation, Enhancement, and Specialization.

Nen is a technique wherein a person can manipulate and control his or her life energy. All living things have Nen but only Nen users have the ability to maximize it.

Before knowing one’s Nen type, the aura type must be revealed first. The best way to do that is through Water Divination.

In this process, a leaf will be placed atop a glass of water. The person will place his or her hands around the glass and do Ren, or focus aura into their hands.


Hunter x Hunter: All 6 Nen Types Explained Enhancement
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If the volume of the water changes during Water Divination, then the user is considered an Enhancer.

In this type, the user can use Nen to increase the natural abilities of a certain object or their own body. This allows them to boost their physical defense and attack, making them the ideal melee combat fighters.

Out of all the Nen types, enhancement is known for its balanced category. Users can be good at defense and offense without making complicated moves. They can also heal and boost their growth.

Some well-known enhancers are Gon Freecss, Wing, and Gido.


Hunter x Hunter: All 6 Nen Types Explained Killua Transmutation
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In the event that the taste of the water changes during Water Divination, then the user is considered a Transmuter.

Transmutation means that the user can change the properties of his or her aura in order to replicate other attributes or mimic something else.

Most of the time, it is confused for Conjuration. The only way to differentiate them is to remember that Transmutation can only mimic the properties of a certain substance while Conjuration can actually change the aura into the substance.

Transmuters can also add certain properties of the mimicked aura to improve it.

Some well-known transmuters are Hisoka, Killua, and Biscuit.


Hunter x Hunter: All 6 Nen Types Explained Leorio Emission
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If the water’s color changes during Water Divination, it means that the user is an Emitter.

Emission allows the user to separate their aura from their own body. Beginners can only do it for a short span of time while Emitters who have been honing their skills can separate it for long hours and even longer distances.

This means that emitters are good at long-ranged combats with long-lasting effects. Some of the basic features they can do are shoot beams of aura. Adept users can even teleport and move their aura to a non-living matter.

Some of the well-known emitters are Leorio, Melody, and Lynch.


Hunter x Hunter: All 6 Nen Types Explained Kurapika Conjuration
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Once impurities appear in the water during Water Divination, then the user is considered a Conjurer.

Those under this Nen type can create a physical, independent, and material object from their aura.

They can also create principles and laws to the certain object or area. The durability of the object can improve through one’s skill or conditions set by the user.

The item can be adjusted in length and size, depending on what the user desires. The user can make the object appear and disappear at will too. Once they become an expert, they can add special abilities to the object.

Some notable Conjurers are Kurapika, Shizuku, and Kortopi.


Hunter x Hunter: All 6 Nen Types Explained Zushi Manipulation
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Once the leaf moves on top of the water surface, the user is categorized as a manipulator.

From the name itself, manipulation allows the user to control someone or something and this includes aura constructs.

Manipulators add conditions to improve their skills. The more difficult the condition, the better control they have.

They can manipulate simple inanimate objects up to machinery. Take note that once a specific target is manipulated by another user, a different manipulator can no longer manipulate it.


There are different kinds of mind control: soliciting, coercive, pseudo-coercive, and diffusive induction types.

Some of the well-known manipulators are Zushi, Squala, and Baise.


Hunter x Hunter: All 6 Nen Types Explained Neferpitou Specialization
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In other cases, a different change happens to the leaf during Water Divination. This means that the user is a specialist.

This Nen type is considered the vaguest out of all six types.

They can influence Hatsu or can garner knowledge from the past or future. Unfortunately, it is unknown how users under this category can develop their abilities.

A specialist usually depends on the Hatsu and the person’s personality. Some of the well-known specialists are Chrollo, Neferpitou, and Neon Nostrade. Kurapika can also be a specialist when his eyes turn scarlet.

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