Is Kurapika a Girl or Boy in Hunter x Hunter?

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Is Kurapika a Girl or Boy in Hunter x Hunter?

Is Kurapika a girl or boy in Hunter x Hunter? This has become one of the questions raised for those who are watching Hunter x Hunter for the first time.

The reason might be because of Kurapika’s androgenous looks, not to mention the voice which can be quite confusing for some.

Kurapika has medium blond hair and brown eyes. As the survivor of the Kurta Clan, Kurapika’s eyes turn to scarlet red whenever an intense emotion builds up.

The character is known for being intelligent and cool, giving the team an advantage. But what is Kurapika’s gender?

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Is Kurapika a Girl or Boy in Hunter x Hunter?

Is Hunter x Hunter Kurapika a Girl or Boy?
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Kurapika is a boy. Unlike his appearance, Kurapika acts manly with no hints of femininity. We cannot judge people who mistook him for a girl as other than his looks and voice, he wears a beautiful blue tabard with orange hem. He also wears an earring to complete the outfit.

As the series progressed, Kurapika’s clothes changed. By the Yorknew City arc, he was wearing a different tabard and training suit but still kept his blue color. He also started wearing black contact lenses after he was able to learn more about his Nen to cover his Scarlet eyes.

Like the rest of the protagonists of Hunter x Hunter, there was something about Kurapika that drew viewers to him.

He started off as a judgmental individual who likes to keep his distance away from people. Eventually, after spending time with Gon and the others, his kind and affectionate personality came out and viewers can see him smiling more often.

It wasn’t a surprise that he took a self-destructive path considering his past.

His goal of eliminating everyone who killed his clan wasn’t such a bad idea but he became unreasonable and ruthless. He considered his friends as his weakness and would always prioritize his revenge against the Phantom Troupe.

After Gon’s journey, it appears that the series’ focus will be on Kurapika.

He was seen in the last part of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc, sitting in a church after he held a funeral for his comrades. He seemed to have collected a number of eyes throughout his journey and doesn’t seem to have any plans on stopping anytime soon.

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