The Hunter x Hunter Watch Guide: Best Watch Order Including Movies

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The Hunter x Hunter Watch Guide: Best Watch Order Including Movies
Credit: Madhouse

Hunter x Hunter is the genius mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi's magnum opus, which has spawned two TV anime adaptations, the 1999 and 2011 versions, two 2013 movies, and three OVAs from the early 2000s. So, without further ado, here is our Hunter x Hunter watch guide featuring the best watch order, including movies, for your viewing pleasure.

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What is Hunter x Hunter About?

The Hunter x Hunter Watch Guide: Best Watch Order Including Movies -About Hunter x Hunter
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Credit: Madhouse

Hunter x Hunter is a shounen anime that follows the exploits of Gon Freecs, a young aspiring hunter.

Despite his hunter father's absence for a long period of time, Gon's desire to follow in his father's footsteps was unphased.

Gon left his hometown to take the hunter exams in the hopes of passing and obtaining his official hunter license.

Gon sets out with his newfound comrades, Killua from the illustrious Zoldyck Family, Kurapika, the last survivor of the Kurta Clan, and the aspiring doctor, Leorio Paradinight, to become one of history's best hunters while also tracking down the whereabouts of his father, Ging Freecs.

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Which Hunter x Hunter Should I Watch: 1999 or 2011?

The Hunter x Hunter Watch Guide: Best Watch Order Including Movies -Which Hunter x Hunter Should I Watch: 1999 or 2011?
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Credit: Madhouse

In my opinion, the 2011 adaptation of Hunter x Hunter is far superior to the 1999 anime adaptation.

Not only do the visuals look better given the time period in which both of these shows were released, but the story arcs were also adapted, which extended beyond the Greed Island arc.

The only drawback to Madhouse's 2011 Hunter x Hunter anime reboot is that the character introduction and development are done better in the 1999 version.

Kite's introduction in the first episode of the anime is one example. Kite was not properly represented, which was a major oversight in the events leading up to the Chimera Ant arc.

Another downside is that parts of the 2011 adaptation were omitted because they were covered in the first adaptation. Furthermore, Leorio did not have many triumphs, which completely nerfed his skills and abilities. This is also true of the 1999 version.

Despite its flaws, the 2011 Hunter x Hunter anime adaptation is a masterpiece. Some of the anime's strongest points are its beautiful world-building, fighting sequences, and compelling narrative.

While the 1999 version contains many fillers, the 2011 version contains many cuts. It will always be up to you to make the final decision.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 is a must-see anime in my opinion, even better than the 1999 version.

Hunter x Hunter Watch Order

The Hunter x Hunter Watch Guide: Best Watch Order Including Movies -Hunter x Hunter Watch Order
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Credit: Madhouse

Notably, Hunter x Hunter premiered in 1999 with 62 episodes. As a result, three OVAs were released later to complete the original anime adaptation.

Meanwhile, the Hunter x Hunter reboot from 2011 has 148 episodes. On the other hand, the movies are non-canon and have no significant impact on the story's narrative. As a result, viewers can occasionally watch them take a break from the series' intense arcs.

Having said that, viewers are advised to start with the first anime adaptation, which debuted in 1999, and work their way up to the 2011 Hunter x Hunter reboot.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a comprehensive watch guide for the Hunter x Hunter anime adaptation.

Description Type Year Released No. of Episodes
Hunter x Hunter TV Anime199962
Hunter x Hunter: SpiderOVA20028
Hunter x Hunter: Greed IslandOVA20038
Hunter x Hunter: Greed Final OVA200414

On the other hand, here is the Hunter x Hunter 2011 TV Anime Adaptation Watch Order, including arcs and movies for your viewing pleasure:

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Arcs Episode Range
Hunter Exams ArcEpisodes 1-26
Heavens Arena ArcEpisodes 27-38
Phantom Troupe ArcEpisodes 39-58
Greed Island ArcEpisodes 58-75
Chimera Ant ArcEpisodes 76-136
Election ArcEpisodes 136-148
Phantom Rouge Movie (2013)1 movie
The Last Mission Movie (2013)1 movie

That's all! The good news is that Yoshihiro Togashi recently released a manga teaser on his official Twitter account to end the four-year hiatus of the Hunter x Hunter manga!


Rest assured that this article will be updated once Hunter x Hunter Season 7 is officially announced, so stay tuned for more information!

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