Will Gon Get His Nen Back in Hunter x Hunter?

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Will Gon Get His Nen Back in Hunter x Hunter?

Towards the end of Chimera Ant Arc, Gon made a contract so he can defeat Neferpitou but this would mean that he would let go of his ability to use Nen. Will Gon get his Nen back?

Hunter x Hunter introduced the world where Nen is used. There are Nen users and ordinary people. Nen users are the ones who can control and manipulate their Nen while ordinary people are those who cannot.

The contract nearly cost Gon’s life as his whole energy leaked in order to attain that powerful state.

Only Nanika, the being inside Killua’s sister Alluka, was able to remove the effects of his vow. However, Nanika wasn’t able to bring back Gon’s ability to use Nen. Does that mean the end for Gon?

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Will Gon Get His Nen Back in Hunter x Hunter?

Will Hunter x Hunter Gon Get His Nen Back?
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As of this writing, Gon still cannot use his Nen.

The contract he made was rather complicated. He was able to risk both his life and ability to use Nen in order to gain more power. We cannot blame him though as Neferpitou is a tough enemy.

In the contract, Gon was provided immense power but what he lost was too much as well.

At first, Gon thought he lost his Nen. Ging was the one who explained to him that Nen will never be gone as it exists in all of us, all of living things for the matter. What Gon lost was the ability to manipulate and control it.

This means that for now, Gon is considered a normal person. This is kind of tragic, especially for a hero like Gon.

What he did afterwards was go back to Whale Island, tell every single thing that happened to him to Mito, and she suggested that he should go back to studying instead.

Gon doesn’t like the idea but he doesn’t have much of a choice. That doesn’t mean that he cannot be a hero anymore but it might limit his capabilities. Hunter x Hunter then continues the story but now focuses on Kurapika and his mission to get revenge.


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