All Dr. Stone Arcs in Order: Where to Start Reading

All Dr. Stone Arcs in Order: Where to Start Reading Senku Ishigami
Credit: TMS Entertainment

All Dr. Stone Arcs in Order: Where to Start Reading Senku Ishigami
Credit: TMS Entertainment

Dr. Stone has managed to win the hearts and minds of manga readers around the world. If you're wondering where to start reading or how to navigate through the arcs, we’ve got you covered with all the Dr. Stone arcs in order.

From the awakening of humanity after a mysterious event that petrified the entire population to the pursuit of science in a technology-less world, Dr. Stone will take you on an epic journey about the limitless potential of the human mind.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Dr. Stone manga!

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All Dr. Stone Arcs at a Glance

The Dr. Stone manga is divided into 6 sagas that contain 14 arcs:

1. Prologue Saga: It contains the Stone Formula arc and Vs. Tsukasa arc.

2. Ishigami Village Saga: This saga contains the Kingdom of Science arc, Village Games arc, and Village Origins arc.

3. Stone Wars Saga: It contains the Vs. Hyoga arc and Communications arc.

4. Source of the Petrification Saga: This one has the Age of Exploration arc and Treasure Island arc.

5. The Truth of the Petrification Saga: This saga contains the New America City arc, the South America arc, the New Stone World arc, and the Globetrotting arc.

6. Stone to Space Saga: The Moon Mission arc is in this saga.

Find out more about each Dr. Stone arc right here:

  1. Stone Formula Arc

    Mysterious forces have encased humanity in stone. This has resulted in the extinction of human civilization.

    Meanwhile, Senku Ishigami and Taiju Oki, trapped for 3700 years in stone, are revived from their petrified state.

    Senku desires to find the answer to what depetrified him as it may help him revive the rest of humanity.

    The Stone Formula arc comprises 4 chapters (Chapters 1 through 4) and 2 episodes (Episodes 1 and 2).

    The inventions in this arc include nitric acid, wine, calcium carbonate, and the revival fluid.

  2. Vs. Tsukasa Arc

    The second arc is called the Vs. Tsukasa arc and it is also the final arc of the Prologue Saga.

    Senku and Tsukasa’s goals don’t align with each other and they are left with no option but to fight it out.

    Senku and his friends are significantly weaker than Tsukasa’s clan.

    They have no choice but to escape to Hakone and come up with a weapon made by the power of science.

    The inventions in the Vs. Tsukasa arc are crossbow, bronze, sextant, potassium nitrate, sulfur, glucose, and gunpowder.

    The Vs. Tsukasa arc comes with 8 chapters (Chapters 5 through 12) and 3 episodes (Episodes 3 through 5).

  3. Kingdom of Science Arc

    The third overall arc and first of the Ishigami Village Saga, the Kingdom of Science arc has 21 chapters (Chapters 13 through 33) and 9 episodes (Episodes 5 through 13).

    Senku comes back to life. However, the trio pretends that Senku is dead, and has Yuzuriha and Taiju head back to Tsukasa.

    Meanwhile, Senku set out to find the person who lit the fire. During his search, Senku finds a girl who guides him to her village.

    At the village, Senku meets his new allies willing to join him in his battle against Tsukasa.

    The inventions in the Kingdom of Science arc are the blast furnace, iron, ramen, magnets, hand-cranked dynamo, gas masks, and glass.

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  4. Village Games Arc

    The Village Games arc has 7 chapters (Chapters 34 through 40) and 3 episodes (Episodes 13 through 15).

    The arc revolves around the Kingdom of Science’s participation in the Grand Bout of Ishigami Village.

    The winner of the games will become the new chief of the village and will marry the priestess.

    Meanwhile, Senku and his friends are prevented from entering the village and they need alcohol to complete the sulfa drug.

    To make matters complicated, Ruri’s life is in danger and to save her, Senku must win the Grand Bout.

    The inventions showcased in the Village Games arc are a power-up science drink, carbonated water, Senku Cola, and Sulfa antibiotic.

    The chemicals invented in this arc are aniline, ethyl acetate, ketene, glacial acetic acid, acetanilide, acetic anhydride, sodium bicarbonate, P-Acetamidobencesulfonic acid, and P-Acetamidobencesulfonyl chloride.

  5. Village Origins Arc

    The last arc of the Ishigami Village Saga is the Village Origins arc and it highlights the origin of the place.

    After the completion of the sulfa drug, Ruri is saved. Ruri then goes on to tell Senku what she knows about the history of the Ishigami Village. Then Senku tells the villagers what he thinks happened.

    Senku believes the astronauts at ISS were somehow involved in the making of the Ishigami Village.

    The Village Origins arc contains 5 chapters (Chapters 41 through 45) and 3 episodes (Episodes 15 through 17).

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  6. Vs. Hyoga Arc

    The Vs. Hyoga arc introduces a powerful character named Hyoga.

    At the time of the festivities, Kinro notices something odd and immediately asks his brother to relay a message to the village.

    Elsewhere, Gen informs Senku about this new warrior, Hyoga, revived by Tsukasa.

    Turns out, Hyoga is as dangerous as Tsukasa. Ginro warns the rest about the village attack. Meanwhile, Hyoga wants to confirm if Senku is dead or alive.

    With the attack imminent, the village has no choice but to invent a weapon that can take on Hyoga’s spectacular spearman ship.

    The only invention showcased in this arc is the katana. The Vs. Hyoga arc comprises 5 chapters (Chapters 46 through 50) and 2 episodes (Episodes 18 and 19).

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  7. Communications Arc

    The seventh arc of the Dr. Stone series, the Communications arc Arc revolves around the battle between the Kingdom of Science and the Tsukasa Empire.

    Both camps are preparing hard for the war in the spring. The Tsukasa Empire revives several people who eventually join forces with Tsukasa.

    Elsewhere, the Kingdom of Science rushes to make a cell phone.

    Meanwhile, Byakuya’s gift becomes an important element in the Kingdom of Science’s plan to avoid any bloodshed.

    The inventions in the Communications arc are cotton candy, dynamite, carbon fiber, nitroglycerine, automobile, steam engine, record player, flash grenade, cell phone, telescope, light bulb, tungsten, lead-acid batteries, vacuum pump, hydroelectric power plant.

    The Communications arc has 32 chapters (Chapters 51 through 82) and 16 episodes (Episodes 20 through 35).

  8. Age of Exploration Arc

    Following the conclusion of the Stone Wars, the former members of the Tsukasa Empire join forces with the Kingdom of Science.

    Together they build a ship that can travel across continents. Senku and his team want to travel and find the reason behind the petrification.

    Since they miss some important resources, the group decides to invent, collect, and explore things they will need for this expedition.

    The key inventions in the Age of Exploration arc are the Perseus, sonar, radar, GPS, motor boat, paved roads, oil, signal tower, camera, wheat, mirror, hemp clothing, hot air balloon, loom, and Dragos, which is a currency.

    The arc has 18 chapters (Chapters 83 through 100) and 7 episodes (Episodes 35 through 40).

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  9. Treasure Island Arc

    In the ninth arc called the Treasure Island arc, the Kingdom of Science travels to the treasure chest on their new ship.

    Upon reaching it, they find an ancient community much like the Ishigami Village. However, this community has a sinister backstory.

    The inventions featured in the Treasure Island arc are make-up, pistol, drone, oxygen tanks, nitric acid setup, plaster silent bombs, platinum, and a wireless earpiece.

    The Treasure Island arc has 38 chapters (Chapters 101 through 138). At the time of writing, the anime adapted only 4 episodes of this arc.

  10. New America City Arc

    After discovering that messages from Why-man were coming from the moon, the Kingdom of Science embark on a journey to collect resources for the construction of a rocket.

    The kingdom starts with America and desires to lay the foundation of a city with a million people.

    However, Senku and his comrades come across a community that is led by Senku’s ex-science mentor, Xeno, and his childhood friend Stanley Snyder.

    The inventions in New America City are aircraft, submarines, drills, various guns, and the Haber-Bosch plant.

    The New America City arc has 31 chapters (Chapters 139 through 169).

  11. South America Arc

    The South America arc comprises 24 chapters (Chapters 170 through 193).

    Senku and his allies manage to establish a peace treaty between Brody’s forces and the prisoners of war of the Kingdom of Science.

    Now, Senku and his remaining friends head to South America to locate the source of the petrification.

    Senku needs to find the source and set up Superalloy City before Stanley appears as an obstacle.

    The inventions featured in the South America arc are diamonds, rubber boots, fax machines, motorcycles, rubber, and tires.

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  12. New Stone World Arc

    A second petrification event engulfs the world. Then one day Suika awakens.

    She is delighted to be alive but soon learns that she is the only one who has awoken.

    Suika is terrified but remembers Senku’s vow to restore humanity when he awakened alone.

    With no more revival fluid to bring back her friends, she must stand up and make the magical fluid for the sake of humanity.

    The inventions in the New Stone World arc are ores, liquid fuel, argon, and the new Perseus.

    The New Stone World arc comes with 7 chapters (Chapters 194 through 200).

  13. Globetrotting Arc

    As the name suggests, the Globetrotting arc takes the Kingdom of Science across the world.

    The members of the kingdom travel extensively to establish various cities and collect essentials necessary for their space travel.

    The Globetrotting arc has 12 chapters (Chapters 201 through 212).

    The inventions in this arc include a rocket launchpad, a dam, aluminum, rice, calculator, parametrons, hard currency, fluorite, and olive oil.

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  14. Moon Mission Arc

    The final arc of the Dr. Stone series and the one and only arc of the Stone to Space Saga is the Moon Mission arc.

    The crew manages to build a rocket to the moon. The aim is to find the truth concerning Why-man.

    The Kingdom of Science is one step closer to finding the truth behind the petrification that happened thousands of years ago.

    The Moon Mission arc has 20 chapters (Chapters 213 through 232).

    The inventions in the final arc are space suits, smartphones, grenade net launchers, resurrection watches, the internet, satellite, rocket, computer, and television.

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