Dr. Stone: How to Make Senku Cola? Recipe and Ingredients Explained

How to Make Dr. Stone's Senku Cola? Recipe Explained Senku Ishigami

How to Make Dr. Stone's Senku Cola? Recipe Explained Senku Ishigami

Senku Ishigami leaves no stone unturned to advance his Kingdom of Science in the stone age. Not only machines or chemicals, Senku also pays close attention to culinary sciences. One of his finest inventions is cola, and here’s the recipe for Senku Cola from Dr. Stone.

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Spoiler Warning: This article contains some spoilers from the Dr. Stone manga.

What Is Senku Cola?

Introduced in Dr. Stone Chapter 40, titled Z=40: Two Million Years in the Making, Senku Cola is not the actual product that Senku decided to make.

While inventing carbonated water, Senku thought of making the popular bubbly drink called cola at Gen’s request.

He, indeed, simplified the recipe because of the limited availability of ingredients.

Senku Cola from Dr. Stone
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However, it is interesting to note that Dr. Stone that has been known to explain the science behind its inventions did not go in-depth with Senku Cola.

The chapter did reveal the ingredients and gave a quick overview of how one can make Senku Cola.

So, let’s dive into the ingredients and recipe of this homemade carbonated drink.

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Ingredients Required for Making Senku Cola

Gen drinking Senku Cola in Dr. Stone
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Gen asks Senku if he can make a bottle of cola for him in this stone age. Senku promises that he can find a way to make cola, even if there is no one who can.

Senku Cola consists mainly of four key ingredients that are as follows:

  • Carbonated Water
  • Cilantro
  • Lime (including peels)
  • Caramel that is extracted from heating honey

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Dr. Stone’s Senku Cola Recipe

Senku from Dr. Stone anime
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Now, it is time to hit the lab or kitchen to get on with the making of Senku Cola.

However, please exercise extreme caution while handling any equipment that might be dangerous.

1. Get lime zest

Dr Stone Senku Cola Recipe
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Use a grater or a zester to prepare lime zest. While grating, ensure that you grate only the yellow part of the peel and avoid getting the white pith.

The white pith of the lemon is bitter and is likely to spoil the taste of the end product.

2. Crush cilantro

Senku Cola Dr Stone Recipe
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In a mortar, crush the cilantro leaves. The main aim is to nicely crush the leaves and extract their flavor and aroma.

Squeeze the lemon and add its juice to the crushed cilantro. Then, add the grated zest of the lemon to the mixture.

Start crushing and mixing the above ingredients into a smooth paste. Senku’s idea is to give the cola a homemade feel, and this paste is key for the same.

Strain the cilantro and lime mixture through a fine strainer. This exercise will help in avoiding the lemon zest and cilantro leaves getting into the final product.

3. Get caramel from the honey

Gen and Senku in Dr. Stone
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The next step involves heating the pan and pouring 4-5 tablespoons of honey. Bring the honey to a boil and reduce the heat to avoid burning it.

Keep stirring the honey until it caramelizes into this beautiful dark brown and rich-looking gooey liquid.

Honey’s caramel is one of the most important ingredients in Senku Cola as it will give the drink its signature cola color

4. Prepare the cola syrup

Senku Cola Dr Stone Recipe
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Next up is making the quintessential cola syrup and for that, we need to mix the caramelized honey and the cilantro-lemon mixture.

It is important that you pour the caramelized honey while it is piping hot. Also, as soon as the caramel is added to the cilantro-lemon mixture, start stirring or the honey will start forming lumps in the syrup.

5. Bottle the Senku Cola

Senku cola Dr. Stone
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The final step of this recipe involves adding 4-5 tablespoons of cola syrup into an empty small-sized cola bottle.

Interestingly, the exact ratio of syrup to carbonated water is not revealed in Dr. Stone. So, we will have to experiment with our ratio to get that great cola taste.

After adding the cola syrup, pour around 250 milliliters of carbonated water and you have your bottle of Senku Cola.

Extra fun tip: You can spice up your Senku Cola by adding a pinch of chat masala or rock salt.

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