The Best Inventions From Dr. Stone

Senku The Best Inventions From Dr. Stone

Senku The Best Inventions From Dr. Stone

In Dr. Stone, after nature reclaims planet earth, every human being and animal is turned into a stone. However, several years later, a teenage genius scientist named Senku Ishigami gets revived. So, here's a list of the best inventions from Dr. Stone that proved to be super useful.

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  1. Lenses

    Starting the list with lenses, glass plays a key role in advancing science at any age.

    Moreover, glass is needed to make lenses, which can be used by people with bad eyesight, and it is utilized in making telescopes and microscopes.

    When Senku learns about Suika’s poor eyesight, he decides to invent lenses using glass.

    He teams up with Chrome, Suika, and Kohaku to collect quartz sand to initiate the process of making glass.

    Eventually, Senku is able to invent lenses with a proper prescription for Suika.

    Moreover, he now has access to glass, which will come in handy in manufacturing beakers and test tubes for his lab.

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  2. Magnets

    Also known as lodestone, the magnet is essential to filter iron sand from the river. Senku is aware of the importance of magnets in his Kingdom of Science.

    Chrome has used magnets as a primitive compass. Meanwhile, Senku uses lightning to create the first powerful magnet that can be used in a generator.

    With Kohaku and Ginro’s help, Senku is able to successfully transform lightning into a strong magnet.

  3. Hand-Operated Dynamo

    In the stone age, the invention of the dynamo is groundbreaking in every sense. The hand-operated dynamo is a man-powered electrical generator.

    It requires two people to operate the cranks that sync together to generate electricity. This invention marks the beginning of electrical power in the Kingdom of Science.

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  4. Instant Ramen

    Senku invents instant ramen to gain the trust of the people of Ishigami Village. According to him, it is one of the finest delicacies that one can have.

    Despite the lack of several ingredients, Senku finds many substitutes to improvise and finish the ramen recipe. He grinds foxtail millet grains to make the main ingredient – flour.

    Similarly, he uses wild bird eggs, fish, herbs, meat, and a form of wild onion to prepare a bowl of ramen. The villagers are served ramen from a traditional Japanese food cart.

    It turns out to be an instant hit amongst the villagers, but Senku knows that there is some scope for improvement.

  5. Dynamite

    Dynamite is an explosive made of nitroglycerin, stabilizers, and sorbents like clay and shells.

    When Kohaku’s team battles Hyoga and Tsukasa, Senku, Chrome, and Gen attempt to make gunpowder.

    Chrome arranges sulfuric acid from the tank, which is then mixed with glycerin and nitric acid to make nitroglycerin.

    Eventually, the team is able to make dynamite out of it. The dynamite is then used to break the bedrock as they dig for Mirai’s statue.

  6. Refrigerator

    Toward the end of Stone War, Tsukasa is left injured but Senku vows to treat his wounds. Earlier, Senku found a way to freeze dry food for trips.

    He uses the same principle when he tries to freeze Tsukasa in the hopes to find a cure in the future.

    Meanwhile, the science of refrigeration also helps Senku and the others to store food for longer days.

    Also, Senku realizes that he can use this technology to cool the inside of the steam gorilla engine.

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  7. Gas Masks

    The use of sulfuric acid is important for many of Senku’s inventions. However, the acid is known to be extremely dangerous and toxic.

    In order to counter the harmful toxins of the acid, Senku comes up with the idea of gas masks for himself and the villagers.

    He also uses activated charcoal for gas absorption in his masks.

  8. Cola

    Gen Asagiri’s favorite drink is fizzy cola. He requests Senku to find a way to make him a bottle of refreshing and bubbly cola.

    Moreover, it is a test for Senku and his scientific abilities to invent cola in the stone age. However, Senku is excited and he comes up with his own recipe.

    Later, he rewards Gen with a bottle of cola, which is a luxury in the Stone World.

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  9. Cellphone

    In the Communications Arc of Dr. Stone, the Kingdom of Science wants to reinforce its long-form communication.

    Senku knows that in order to defeat the Tsukasa Empire, they would need a cell phone for better communication.

    Meanwhile, Tsukasa Empire is not willing to advance in the field of technology and relies on brute force.

    However, after the invention of the cellphone, Senku and his friends at the Kingdom of Science are able to outsmart the strongest of the Tsukasa Empire’s warriors.

  10. Revival Fluid

    The Revival Fluid, also called the Miracle Fluid and Stone Formula, is the ultimate and instant cure for petrification.

    This is by far the best invention of Senku as it is the base of how he will restore humanity on earth.

    The Revival Fluid consists of a compound made of nitric acid and pure alcohol.

    When the fluid is poured onto the petrified stone, it triggers a chain reaction leading to de-petrification.

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