How Smart Is Senku in Dr. Stone?

Senku from Dr. Stone

Senku from Dr. Stone

Senku Ishigami loves science and wants to save the world using the power of science and technology, but how smart is Senku in the Dr. Stone series?

Before we analyze his brain power, let’s learn more about Senku in this comedy, sci-fi, and action anime series.

Who Is Senku Ishigami?

Taiju and Senku in Dr. Stone
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Senku Ishigami, the main protagonist of Dr. Stone, was introduced as someone who was de-petrified after the stone apocalypse. He is friends with Yuzuriha Ogawa and Taiju Oki.

Eventually, Senku created the Revival Fluid and vowed to rebuild humanity and civilization.

He also announced that he will lay the foundation of a Kingdom of Science.

Senku in action
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As a character, Senku appears straightforward and borderline overconfident. However, he doesn’t let his confidence cloud his judgment.

Senku is a slim young man who sports light green hair in the anime. Before petrification consumed Earth, Senku wore a regular school uniform and completed his look with a lab coat.

After waking up in the Stone Age, Senku started wearing animal skin.

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How Smart Is Senku in Dr. Stone?

How Smart is Senku in Dr. Stone series?
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It is established that Senku is one of the smartest characters in anime, but he takes it to the next level by being persistent. By nature, Senku is highly curious and aware of things around him. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of things related to science.

When it comes to physics, engineering, chemistry, mathematics, biology, and geology, he is unbeatable and comes up with unique solutions to problems.

It is interesting to note that he and his allies live in the Stone Age, so he reinvents several pathbreaking inventions like sulfur, electricity, transportation, and more.

Senku's Resourcefulness and Analytical Mind

How smart is Denku in Dr Stone
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Senku is extremely resourceful and has time and again proven that he can invent things with the bare minimum of resources.

Using his analytical mind, he can come up with multiple solutions to a problem and choose the best one that will suit his needs.

He also possesses basic craftsmanship, but he is not as skilled as someone like Kaseki, who is a master craftsman and has years of experience.

Senku's Exceptional Memory and Language Skills

How smart is Denku in Dr Stone
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Senku is also known to remember every method of invention along with all the scientific compounds. His exceptional memory allows him to think on his feet and present a solution even when his back is against the wall.

He is also proficient in Japanese and English. He was able to understand Gen and Ukyo’s conversation as they talked in English using the buried phone.

In Dr. Stone, he was also able to communicate with Dr. Brody without facing any linguistic challenges.

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Dr. Stone is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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