How Scientifically Accurate Is Dr. Stone?

How Scientifically Accurate is Dr. Stone?

How Scientifically Accurate is Dr. Stone?

One factor that distinguishes Dr. Stone from other anime is that it focuses on science, as Senku always explains his inventions. While everything he says and does feels real, just how scientifically accurate is Dr. StoneIs the series based on real, scientific facts?

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How Scientifically Accurate Is Dr. Stone?

In order to answer this question, we had to do tons of research and compare science genius Senku’s inventions, discoveries, and basically, everything that comes out of his mouth, to know if Dr. Stone’s science is accurate or not.

While most of the science is accurate, some facts or points in the series are not.

One of the most popular “errors” was when Senku gave Thomas Edison full credit for the invention of the light bulb.

As we all know, Edison was simply one of the inventors but not the sole inventor of the light bulb.

The scene focused on bamboo filaments, which Edison greatly contributed to, so it would've been better if the series emphasized that.

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Another example is the Sulfa Drug’s color. In the series, it is white, but in reality, the drug is reddish.

There are also scenes wherein things are exaggerated. This can be because Dr. Stone is not meant to give off a serious and boring approach to science. Rather, the exaggerated scenes add a comedic touch to the show.

Fans will notice that most of these happen when Senku uses electricity and batteries.

There are scenes wherein they are electrocuted but in a funny way, or they get a shock from the battery, causing them to be thrown in the air.

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Can We Believe Everything Senku Says?

The show is scientifically accurate for the most part, so yes, we can believe in what the adventure anime says, but it is still better to fact-check.

Riichiro Inagaki, Dr. Stone's creator, has a science consultant named Kurare to ensure that the inventions are accurate and to explain the process better.

This indicates that Dr. Stone aims to educate viewers about science in an entertaining way.

The initiative of asking for help from a consultant shows that Dr. Stone did not just result from the creator’s imagination.

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As viewers, there is nothing wrong with double-checking whether the process of creating a specific invention is real.

Furthermore, it is easy to research given that the series provides a disclaimer when necessary.

In fact, it could be another way to appreciate the show. We could all try it once Dr. Stone Season 3 starts.

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