Top 10 Funniest Moments in Attack on Titan

Credit: Wit Studio

Credit: Wit Studio

Attack on Titan also known as Shingeki no Kyojin has been around for quite some time. The anime has always been thrilling and serious down to its core, which keeps its viewers on the edge of their seats. We did, however, find ourselves smiling at the oddities and chaos of our favorite characters from time to time.

Whether it was Sasha Braus’ love for potatoes or Levi Ackerman’s obsession with cleaning, Attack on Titan can be quite adorable as well. These special moments add up to the value of this beautifully orchestrated masterpiece of anime.

Forget the drama, in no particular order, we've compiled a list of the Top 10 funniest moments in Attack on Titan to make you laugh.

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  1. Sasha Farted

    One night in military training, Eren and Jean are in the middle of an argument. They started fighting each other, not caring about the noises and chaos they were making in the headquarters’ dining area. Keith Shadis entered the room and asked about the noises and who was liable. What makes it funny is that Mikasa raised her hand and pointed out to Sasha, telling her superior that Sasha farted. What makes it even funnier is that Mikasa was all stoic when she told Sasha about her farting as an alibi to cover both Eren and Jean.

  2. Levi's Wanted Poster

    In Season 3, the Scout Regiment and the Levi Squad were all chased into hiding by the Military Police in Attack on Titan. The Military Police even handed out wanted posters in circulation to disband the Survey Corps. This is where we see the funny sketch of Levi's face in the poster. Although they were in a middle of a serious matter, that funny sketch of Levi’s face will always make us laugh.

  3. Mikasa's Bed Hair

    In the middle of a very serious and dramatic moment in prison due to their insubordination, Mikasa woke up to Eren’s high-pitched scream while sporting a new hairstyle. She appeared to have bed hair inside the prison cell. What makes it funny is that she didn’t even bother to fix her hair.

    We all know how Mikasa cares for Eren to the point that she will sacrifice her life to protect him. At the exact moment Eren screamed, Mikasa is there with her bed hair. That scene makes it even more adorable and cute.

  4. Oluo bites his tongue

    Oluo Bozado is one stuck-up member of the Levi Squad, despite having the highest kill count among its squad members. Sometimes, he can also be annoying. However, this is just his way of attracting Petra Ral’s attention. During Eren’s time in the protection of the Levi Squad, he often talks to Eren, saying words of wisdom, while also speaking highly of himself. He usually bites his tongue, which makes it satisfying to watch. It was later carried on in the next episodes, which also makes it exciting to watch out for.

  5. Reiner’s Joke

    During the first season, in the struggle for the Trost arc, the Scout Regiment was faced with the dilemma of fighting a number of titans in the supply room of the Military Police’s headquarters. All of them searched for weapons, eventually finding rifles.

    Upon devising a plan to chase the titan away and resupply their gas tanks, Reiner suggested that they just stick their rifles on Titan’s butt. What makes it funny is that both Sasha and Conny took his idea seriously and even discussed it among the rest of the Scout Regiment.

  6. Every Time Reiner Wants to Marry Christa

    There is no doubt that Reiner Braun has a crush on Christa aka Historia Reiss. Every single time that Historia shows her kindness, concern, and comfort, Reiner thinks of her as his soon-to-be wife. Who isn't going to think it through? Historia will be the perfect bride for a brave and courageous warrior like Reiner.

    In the letter that Ymir sent to Historia, Ymir even wrote that Reiner was all eyes on the letter’s content. Perhaps, in another dimension or universe, both of them are actually married!? Yikes!

  7. Armin and Jean's disguise

    In the royal government arc, Armin and Jean reluctantly disguised themselves as Eren and Historia to act as a distraction and bait while the real Eren and Historia were transported separately. They were soon kidnapped by the members of the Reeves Company, much to the dismay of both.

    While the kidnappers take an interest in Armin’s feminine features, Jean becomes the laughing stock of not only the kidnappers but also the rest of the Scout Regiment.

  8. Annie vs Eren

    Annie is a strong nut to crack. That’s what Eren and Reiner found out after they were both taken down by Annie during the hand-to-hand training in the first season of Attack on Titan. Eren Yeager challenged Annie but met his unfortunate fate. It was witnessed by Reiner, who suggested the idea to Eren.

    Later on, Eren provoked Reiner to also challenge Annie. Both, however, lost with their a$$es in the ground.

  9. Levi is a Cleaning Freak

    Aside from fighting titans, Captain Levi’s other passion is cleaning. It was evidently seen in the series when he asked his squad, including Eren Yeager to clean the castle they were currently staying in. Aside from that, Levi also sports a cleaning attire, from her headcloth down to his cutesy apron. Isn’t he adorable? Perhaps Levi’s second priority in life is cleaning. We don’t know.

  10. Sasha Eats a Potato

    Sasha Braus’ defining characteristic in the series is her undying hunger and incredible appetite for food, especially meat and potatoes. In Season 1, Sasha steals a potato from the infantry kitchen during her military training. She was later caught by Keith Shadis, her superior, asking her why she stole the potato. Sasha explained it and even offered to share half of it (it’s not even half!). Thereafter, she gained the nickname Potato Girl among her colleagues.

Did we miss anything? What are the other funny moments worthy of this list?

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