Does Reiner Like Historia in Attack on Titan?

If Attack on Titan fans would be asked about their favorite ship in the series, most fans would answer Mikasa and Eren. After all, their love and care for each other are seen throughout the series. Some fans were even sad at what happened to the two of them towards the end of the manga.

But if we look at other potential ships, there are fans who noticed Reiner Braun's thoughts about Historia Reiss which led these fans to ship the two. The interesting fact about this pairing is that they come from two different worlds. Reiner is the Deputy Chief of the Warrior Unit from Marley while Historia is the current Queen of the Walls in Paradis Island. That doesn't mean that Reiner can't like her, right?

Does Reiner Like Historia in Attack on Titan?

Does Reiner Like Historia in Attack on Titan? 1
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During the time when Reiner was still in Paradis Island, it seems like he did have feelings for Historia. This started when Historia helped Reiner, Armin, and Jean after their encounter with the Female Titan. Her kindness instantly made him realize that he wanted to marry her.

Another notable scene was when she ripped her skirt for him to cover his injuries. He reiterates, "Gotta marry her" in his head. Some fans believe that other than her kind nature, Reiner knew that Historia will understand him.

Both of them have two personas, Reiner as a Marleyan and a soldier of Paradis and Historia as herself the rightful person to the throne, and Krista, a simple girl. Some fans believe that the only side of Reiner that liked Historia was his soldier side since he did not seem to think about her when he returned to Marley.

It was a bit sad that these two didn't end up together but considering their situation, it was kind of expected in a way. Other fans ship Historia with Ymir with their more-than-just-friendship vibe. In the end, an unnamed farmer was the one who married Historia and had her child with the purpose of discouraging Eren from Rumbling.

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