Boruto Anime Announces End of Part 1 This March

boruto part 1 end

boruto part 1 end

After reports of an extended hiatus, the Boruto anime confirmed that it is indeed going on a break soon. Specifically, it was revealed that Boruto Part 1 will end in late March, though it is set to continue sometime soon.

It’s interesting to note that until now, the Boruto anime hasn’t been called Part 1.

Though it seems that the plan has changed as the show is confirmed to get a continuation that’s called Part 2.

Boruto Anime Announces Hiatus

boruto anime
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Yesterday, several notable anime and manga leakers mentioned that they heard reports of the Boruto anime going on a hiatus.

These reports varied when it came to details though, with some saying that the hiatus will be for three months.

However, most of the reports mentioned that the anime will go on a break beginning in April 2023.

These reports have been proven true with the latest announcement of Part 1's ending, which was made via the official website.

The ending announcement comes as a surprise, especially considering how the anime finally entered the long-awaited Code arc from the manga.

This also marks the first long break for the anime since it began back in 2017.

A hiatus might just be what the series needs though. While it has many fans, there are also Naruto fans who dislike Boruto due to its excessive fillers.

These fillers are a necessity given that the manga is on a monthly release schedule.

Aside from its story, some viewers say that the series’ animation is far from the best.

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Part 2 Announced Following Boruto Part 1's End

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On the Naruto and Boruto official website, it was confirmed that Boruto Part 1 will end on March 26 with the release of Episode 293.

This was also announced concurrently on the Viz Media Twitter account.

Following the announcement, many Boruto fans took to social media to express their excitement for Part 2.

These fans also defended the show online from its detractors, saying that the animation and story are good.

Based on the leaks, the confirmed Part 2 will begin in three months, meaning the show will return in July.

Though for now, there’s no official word yet on when Part 2 will begin airing.

What is confirmed is that the original Naruto anime will get four brand-new episodes in the latter part of the year. This is possibly a reason for the upcoming Boruto hiatus.

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Source: Naruto official website

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