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Boruto Manga vs Anime: Which is Better?

Boruto Manga vs Anime: Which is Better?

While there are many questions about Boruto, one of the most asked is which is better: the manga or the anime?

Fans know that Boruto was originally a manga which was serialized in 2016 and was adapted into an anime a year after.

Like most manga turned to anime series, there are some differences between the manga and anime in Boruto. While the best medium will depend on one’s preference, we have decided to compile some reasons for Boruto fans to read the manga or watch the anime.

Boruto Manga vs Anime: Which is Better?

Boruto Manga vs Anime: Which is Better Comparison
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Let us first start on why the anime is the better option. The anime portrayed the characters well, not only the main characters but also the supporting ones as well.

The anime did a great job at giving a spotlight to all of the characters, something that Naruto failed to do.

With this, the character development is better as compared with the manga. Fans can see the changes of their favorite characters, in animation too. Speaking of animation, the fight scenes are better on the anime too. Each action sequence can be seen properly, giving fans additional excitement.

Another reason is that the anime has additional scenes and even arcs to add color to the series. Some might believe that these are fillers but fans who love the series truly appreciate these as it adds impact to the story and gives more depth into the characters.

On the other hand, the Boruto manga also has some amazing points too. One major difference between the two is the story.

As Boruto's original medium, the plot was written perfectly as it only focuses on the main plot of the story. This also means that the power-scaling in the manga is better as compared with the anime.

Boruto’s abilities will stay consistent, despite any situation. There won’t be panels wherein he is nerfed. This also makes the manga more interesting as the anime.

The drama, action, and progression are well-planned in this medium. Fans aiming for consistency should read the manga as the quality of the story is the same from start to the most recent chapter.

So, which one is better then?

Fans who are after consistency, amazing story progression, and good power-scaling should read the manga while Boruto fans who focuses on character development, animation, and fillers should choose the anime.

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