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Five Reasons Why Boruto is Hated Explained

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Why Boruto is Hated Explained

Prior to the release of Episode 1 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the show had received a lot of criticism from fans of the same franchise. In fact, some avid fans of the Naruto franchise refuse to recognize Boruto as the protagonist of the anime, only referring to him as "Naruto's son," not to mention labeling the anime as "Naruto's son's anime." Hence, in this article, we combed the internet for five reasons why Boruto is hated by fans of the Naruto franchise.

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  1. Milking the Franchise

    Naruto's adventures officially ended years ago for some fans. That being said, unnecessary sequels are no longer expected. As a matter of fact, fans have waited a long time for Naruto to achieve his dreams and be at peace with Hinata, only to find out that a spinoff will appear and adjust his narrative.

    Not to mention disregarding the beloved former characters, especially the Kages, which is one of the reasons why Boruto is hated.

    They are happy with the ending, and there is no need for another sequel that will drag Naruto and the other characters into yet another cycle of fillers and long arcs.

    Fans believe that the producers are simply milking the Naruto franchise, using it as a cash cow for others who are smitten with Naruto. Let Naruto rest, they say, because he has done his job of entertaining millions of people on his quest to become a Hokage.

    While it is entertaining to watch Naruto and Hinata's married life, as well as the lives of the other characters, fans believe that there is no longer a need to create a Boruto anime adaptation.

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  2. Boruto is Not Naruto

    Boruto is frequently compared to Naruto because the latter is such a huge success. With a cult following and a reputation to live up to, fans are keeping a close eye on Boruto and how he will live up to the expectations, which explains why Boruto is hated.

    There is a huge gap between this father and son from the very first episode of the Naruto franchise to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 1. While Boruto grew up in the comfort of both Hinata and Naruto, Naruto had a difficult upbringing. But it doesn't stop there; their attitudes and early potential are also compared and criticized.

    Moreover, fans argue that Boruto is overprivileged and that Naruto did not deserve to have a spoiled brat who despises him. Aside from being lazy and avoiding hard work, he is unworthy of being the titular son of the strongest ninja in the Naruto universe. Anyway, to each his own.

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  3. Boring and Painful Adaptation

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations feels like it's dragging its feet because of the slow pacing and a ridiculous number of fillers that fans can't help but get bored with. This is also one of the reasons why fans hated Boruto and its narrative.

    Aside from that, viewers are dissatisfied with Boruto's storyline. It appears that the anime that is supposed to feature shinobi and their jutsus have been left behind, and the new elements of extraterrestrial-like villains and technological advancements fail miserably. It not only creates a forced connection in the series but also produces plot holes.

    Some fans argue that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a painful anime that should be considered non-canon, as Dragon Ball did with Dragon Ball GT.

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  4. Generic and Mediocre Characters

    Naruto's interesting and intriguing characters, as well as its villains, are long gone. Not only do the ones introduced in the Boruto anime and manga appear to be rip-offs of the originals, but they are also repetitive.

    Except for the Momoshiki arc, everything feels off, even with the series' new abilities. Some fans also chastised Boruto for being given powers without any significant training in order to propel his plot narrative and distinguish him from others, including the remaining and original shinobi in the Naruto franchise which justifies the reasoning why Boruto is hated by fans.

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  5. Disregarding the Fandom

    Some fans believe they are being brushed aside as a result of the adaptation of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. They've been through ups and downs with Naruto Uzumaki since he was a child.

    They also saw him grow up, gain and lose people close to him, and realize his dream. It's been a long time coming, and the journey with Naruto is a close reminiscence of the fandom's childhood.

    While the Naruto anime successfully captures the transition from being aimed at young audiences to darker and more mature viewers, the Boruto anime ultimately undid all of that, leaving fans disappointed.

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