Boruto Anime Is Reportedly Going on Extended Hiatus

Boruto Anime Hiatus

Boruto Anime Hiatus

While Boruto fans were excited by the anime finally adapting the Code arc, it seems that viewers will have to wait a while for it to progress. This is because reports have begun circulating that the Boruto anime will go on an extended hiatus.

The Boruto hiatus was said to be leaked in a recent magazine issue, possibly the next V Jump issue or some other magazine.

According to various leakers, the hiatus will be a couple of months long and will begin soon.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime Arcs

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Most anime today are released in a seasonal format, meaning shows are often released in just one or two quarters of a year. However, there are exceptions such as the ever-popular shonen anime like One Piece and Boruto.

Because of their popularity, these shows are made and aired continuously. To prevent them from catching up to the manga, these anime often add anime-original storylines that fans refer to as filler arcs.

While it has a manageable number of filler arcs, Boruto is still filled with them. This is because, unlike One Piece, the Boruto manga has a monthly release schedule.

If the anime were to adapt the manga faithfully and with no filler arcs, it would’ve easily caught up to the latest events a long time ago.

Because of this, Boruto has lots of anime-original stories, which fans believe to be detrimental to its quality.

These filler arcs get a bad rap given how little they add to the overall plot.

While Boruto has never seemingly run out of them, it seems that the time has finally come.

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Boruto Anime Reportedly Going on Hiatus

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As reported by several known leakers of anime/manga content, Boruto is said to be going on an extended hiatus starting in April 2023.

Some reports say that Episode 293 will be the last one to air before the hiatus. This is in line with the reports of a 2023 hiatus.

As for its length, the Boruto anime hiatus is said to be three months in length.

For now, there’s no official word yet on a break for Boruto. Though if it does happen, there’s a chance that this can improve the show’s quality given that the filler arcs are a common source of complaints from fans.

This does mean we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see Code and Eida in more action.

If you can’t wait, you can always read the manga, which is available for free on Manga Plus.

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