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Bocchi the Rock! Launches Limited Edition Headphones

Bocchi the Rock Headphones Hitori

While there’s not a lot of merch yet for the series, Bocchi the Rock! teamed up with Onkyo Direct for a new pair of headphones that are inspired by Bocchi and the Kessoku Band.

Specifically, a pair of true wireless earbuds are available for pre-order now, and they come with a design that features the Kessoku Band logo along with the anime’s logo on the charging case.

Bocchi the Rock!’s Popularity

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Fall 2022 has lots of highly anticipated shows, including Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War and Chainsaw Man. There’s also the continuation of Spy x Family, as well as the final season of Mob Psycho 100.

These are easily the most hyped shows heading into the season, but CloverWorksBocchi the Rock! quickly gained steam as the season progressed.

While it seems like another K-On! given that it also features an all-girl band composed of four students, its style is far from your standard slice-of-life show.

For starters, Bocchi the Rock! has impressive animation that goes above and beyond its source material.

It’s also packed with lots of funny references to other popular titles, including the likes of Dragon Ball and even Undertale.

Best of all, the show features a banging soundtrack, complete with original songs that are composed by well-known Japanese artists.

In fact, the anime is even releasing a full album that will feature all its original music.

But aside from the upcoming album, there’s not a lot of Kessoku Band merch that’s available yet, though dedicated fans can now get their hands on a special pair of Bocchi the Rock! headphones.

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Hitori Gotou Onkyo Direct Earbuds

The pair of wireless earbuds was originally put up for pre-order early this month.

But due to popular demand, another batch of pre-orders went live recently as shared by the Onkyo Direct Twitter account.

This special pair of AOW01 ANIMA wireless earphones not only comes with a Bocchi the Rock! design, but it also includes 11 original voice lines from Bocchi VA, Yoshino Aoyama.

On top of the voice lines, goodies such as acrylic stands and clear files are also available, all of which feature the special artwork of Bocchi wearing the limited-edition earbuds.

Each pair is priced at JPY 20,000 (around USD 150), and the latest round of pre-orders is available beginning December 23, 2022, to February 3, 2023, via the Onkyo Direct website.

Fans can also look forward to the first season’s finale this weekend.

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