Bocchi the Rock!’s Kessoku Band Releases Full Album After Final Episode

Bocchi the Rock Album Nijika Ijichi

Bocchi the Rock Album Nijika Ijichi

While the series’ first season might be ending soon, fans still have something to look forward to as Bocchi the Rock! announced that the Kessoku Band will release a full album following the final episode’s broadcast.

It may not have been the most anticipated anime of the season (that honor goes to either Chainsaw Man or Bleach), but it’s fair to say that Bocchi the Rock! is one of Fall 2022's highlights because of its creative animation and loveable characters.

It also helps that the anime has lots of great songs that are made in collaboration with well-known Japanese artists and bands.

Bocchi the Rock! Songs

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Bocchi the Rock! is a heartwarming and hilarious anime series with a heavy focus on music.

The series’ main character, Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou, is an extremely socially awkward high school girl who dreams of becoming a guitarist for a popular band.

As you may expect from a music-focused anime, the series has lots of catchy songs, some of which are composed by members of popular Japanese bands.

While not to the same extent as Chainsaw Man’s unique endings per episode, Bocchi the Rock! also has several ending themes, each of which is performed by a different singer and composed by a popular musician.

For instance, one of the ending songs is composed by Maguro Taniguchi of KANA-BOON, a popular Japanese rock band.

The two other ending songs are composed by Yuuho Kitazawa of The Peggies and Ikkyu Nakajima of Tricot.

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Kessoku Band Full Album Tracklist

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Aside from the ending songs, the anime also features other original songs that are performed by Bocchi’s Kessoku Band.

The upcoming Bocchi the Rock! album compiles the show’s opening and ending theme songs as well as other songs. Its confirmed tracklist includes:

  • 青春コンプレックス (Youth Complex)
  • ひとりぼっち東京 (Lonely Tokyo)
  • Distortion‼
  • ギターと孤独と蒼い惑星 (Guitar, Loneliness, and Blue Planet)
  • あのバンド (That Band)
  • カラカラ (Caracalla)
  • なにが悪い (What’s Wrong)

Currently, there are only seven songs that are listed on the website, with the other songs yet to be revealed.

Bocchi the Rock! Album Release Date

The upcoming Bocchi the Rock! album will be released on December 28, 2022.

It is priced at JPY 4,070 (around USD 30) and includes one CD and one Blu-ray for the limited-edition package.

As a bonus, each purchase of the album will come with a Kessoku Band wristband when purchased in select stores.

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Source: Official Bocchi the Rock! website

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