The 15 Best Shipped Couples in Demon Slayer

The 15 Best Shipped Couples in Demon Slayer
Credit: Ufotable

The 15 Best Shipped Couples in Demon Slayer
Credit: Ufotable

It's common for fans to ship couples in anime, and Demon Slayer is no exception. From Tanjiro and Kanao to Tanjuro and Kie, here are the 15 best-shipped couples in Demon Slayer!

The popular shounen anime series continues to captivate audiences with its premise, endearing characters, and superb animation.

With the release of Demon Slayer Season 3, fans can expect yet another action-packed season of sword fighting and demon-killing!

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Demon Slayer manga.

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  1. Haganezuka and His Swords

    As I write this, I can't help but laugh at Haganezuka's pairing with his swords.

    We all know how dedicated Haganezuka is to his swords, and we couldn't help but include them on the list!

    Haganezuka is still single at the age of 37. This could be due to his behavior and poor socialization skills, or it could be related to his commitment to making Nichirin blades.

    He enjoys doing them, and it's the only thing that will get him to concentrate, unlike any other swordsmith in his village.

    Most importantly, Haganezuka despises it when his swords become chipped or, worse, broken.

    He takes great care in forging his swords, and it irritates and pains him the most when they fail him.

  2. Tamayo and Yushiro

    Throughout the years they have traveled together, Yushiro's feelings for Tamayo have always been one-sided.

    Even after Tamayo died at Muzan's hands, Yushiro's love and care for her remained unwavering.

    Their companionship may have ended tragically, but Yushiro will always remember Tamayo fondly.

    Perhaps Yushiro can finally win Tamayo's heart in another lifetime, and the two of them can begin a better relationship.

    Tamayo, on the other hand, never recovered from the deaths of his husband and children.

    It's a mother's worst fear, and we understand how difficult it is for her to forget them and start over with Yushiro.

  3. Douma and Kotoha

    This is such a weird pairing, if not blasphemy, for some. Douma and Kotoha have a shared history, and it did not age well for Inosuke’s mother.

    Kotoha Hashibira is a battered woman whose only hope in life is her son, Inosuke. Her abusive husband and mother-in-law compelled her to leave the house to care for Inosuke alone.

    Because of Kotoha's circumstances at the time, no one was ready to help her, and it was only Douma who took her in without expecting anything in return.

    Douma has a fondness for Kotoha and Inosuke because of their beautiful faces, and he wants them both by his side till they die.

    But when Kotoha discovered that Douma is a human-eating demon, she became concerned about Inosuke's safety.

    She attempted to flee Douma's cult, but only Inosuke managed to make it out alive.

  4. Kie and Tanjuro

    We will never meet Tanjiro and Nezuko or the rest of their siblings if Kie and Tanjuro did not exist. They share a strong affinity, which is evident in their six children, who love each other unconditionally.

    Kie and Tanjuro may have only been together for a short time, but their love has always been strong, especially for their children. They are both caring people who prioritize their children's needs over their own.

    Fortunately, Kie and Tanjuro have had a positive influence on Tanjiro and Nezuko since their kindness has always been able to move others and touch people's hearts!

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  5. Amane and Kagaya

    The arranged marriage between Amane and Kagaya blossomed into a fruitful life, along with their five children.

    They might have been arranged by the Shinto priests, but Amane and Kagaya were not forced to be together.

    They both committed to caring for one another willingly, especially Amane. She accepted to marry Kagaya in order to care for his medical needs and assist him in overseeing the Demon Slayer Corps.

    Even when she was on the verge of death, Amane never left Kagaya's side.

    In fact, Amane committed the unthinkable, only to be with Kagaya in the hereafter, all the while bravely carrying out her final duty in the Demon Slayer Corps in the face of Muzan.

  6. Rengoku and Mitsuri

    Rengoku and Mitsuri’s pairing called "RenMitsu" is non-canon, but that hasn't stopped fans from shipping the two of them.

    Rengoku and Mitsuri share the most similarities among the Demon Slayer Corps' Hashiras.

    They both enjoy food and have a positive attitude in the face of adversity. They also have a long history together, as Rengoku used to train Mitsuri.

    Perhaps this is why Rengoku has had the largest influence on Mitsuri's ways. They were also incredibly supportive, and they had a lot of respect for one another.

    If Rengoku hadn't perished in the Mugen Train Arc, he could have helped Mitsuri and the other slayers survive the final stand against Muzan.

  7. Sanemi and Kanae

    Thanks to Gyomei’s confirmation, we are confident to say that Sanemi likes Kanae. Kanae's generosity and warm hands remind him of his late mother, and he has fallen head over heels for her.

    Kanae was the most concerned of all the Hashiras about Sanemi, and the latter is well aware of this.

    She was also the only Hashira who called Sanemi "kind," despite the fact that he always has an intimidating scowl on his face, is stubborn, and is hell-bent on killing all demons.

    He also bothers Shinobu when it comes to asking about Kanae’s whereabouts, what she was doing, and especially her situation.

    Sanemi and Kanae’s pairing is adorable, and we can only imagine what could have happened if Kanae hadn't died so early in the series.

  8. Koyuki and Hakuji (Akaza)

    Koyuki and Hakuji's relationship ended tragically as well. They love each other unconditionally, yet it isn't enough to keep them together.

    They were supposed to marry, but fate intervened and changed their lives forever, especially Hakuji, who had been turned into a demon by Muzan.

    Back then, Koyuki and Hakuji only needed each other to live. Hakuji cared for Koyuki the most since she had a frail body and had been sick all her life.

    Hakuji supported Koyuki in everything she did, and it wasn’t long before the young girl developed feelings for him.

    The same is true for Hakuji, who agreed to marry Koyuki. However, after Koyuki and her father were poisoned, Hakuji went on a killing spree, killing many people who wronged them.

  9. Uzui Tengen and His Wives

    Uzui Tengen, the former Sound Hashira, is living the dream of having three attractive and skilled women care for him.

    He is the pinnacle of grandeur, and Zenitsu can only smirk at his ability to entice gorgeous kunoichis to marry him.

    Tengen's spouses are Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma, and they have all decided to be in a polyamorous relationship.

    Despite their different personalities, they are united by their passion for the Sound Hashira.

    Uzui loves all three of his wives equally. He never favors anyone and is serious about maintaining all of his promises to them.

    He adores his wives and will go to any length to save them all in times of distress.

  10. Yoriichi and Uta

    Yoriichi has the ability to protect anyone from demons, yet he has failed to protect his wife. It is sad, but Yoriichi has to live with it for the rest of his life.

    It is true that no matter how powerful a person is, he will never be able to save everyone, and Yoriichi is well aware of this.

    Uta is not at all similar to Yoriichi. Uta is a talker, whereas Yoriichi is a quiet man. She enjoys talking all day, and Yoriichi lends her his ears to listen.

    Yoriichi also learned a lot from Uta and how she sees the world differently. He treasures Uta the most, for she has become the love of his life.

    She also became Yoriichi’s light, and their relationship has been smooth sailing until a demon took Uta and her baby away from Yoriichi forever.

  11. Mitsuri and Obanai

    While the pairing "RenMitsu" is non-canon, the pairing "ObaMitsu" is canon. They both have affection for one another, and their love has survived time and death.

    Obanai is extremely protective of Mitsuri. He adores her so much that he becomes envious whenever another man, especially Tanjiro, spends time with her.

    Funnily, Obanai carried his jealousy in the Hashira Training Arc to be extra hard on training the young sun-breather.

    Obanai is forthright about his affection for Mitsuri, but the latter is more reserved. But she enjoys it whenever she is with Obanai, and she always looks forward to their time together.

    After dying in each other’s arms in the final stand against Muzan, Obanai and Mitsuri reincarnated as husband and wife.

    They were finally happy, as the two of them run a family restaurant together, and their lives are flourishing.

  12. Shinobu and Giyuu

    When it comes to shipping Shinobu and Giyuu, there are numerous arguments. Some even claim that they have no romantic feelings for each other.

    But one thing is certain: people are rooting for the two of them because they see their chemistry whenever they are together.

    Shinobu and Giyuu's pairing is rather conventional. Shinobu has a playful disposition, but Giyuu has a very placid temperament, which Shinobu occasionally makes fun of.

    They have a strong bond because they have always worked together on assignments.

    Giyuu and Shinobu were always there for each other, even when the other Hashira protested about Giyuu and his views on Tanjiro and Nezuko.

    They also like talking to each other, demonstrating their positive friendship.

    Shinobu is also the only person in the world who has seen Giyuu smile, a feat no one else among the pillars has done.

  13. Inosuke and Aoi

    One of the most chaotic yet cutest pairings in Demon Slayer is "AoIno", the ship between Inosuke and Aoi. They both have strong personalities, and they often clash whenever they are together.

    They are both headstrong, and they have always irritated each other the most, especially when Inosuke is recuperating at the Butterfly Estate.

    But everything changed when Inosuke sensed Aoi's compassion and generosity through the meals she prepared specifically for him following the final battle with Muzan.

    He began anticipating Aoi's customized meals, and the rest is history. He was also reminded of his mother because Aoi has always been so generous and kind to him.

  14. Zenitsu and Nezuko

    All throughout the series, we were rooting for Zenitsu to end up with Nezuko. And thank goodness for Koyoharu Gotouge, who never failed to provide us with the happiest ending for Zenitsu and Nezuko.

    Zenitsu has been through so much, yet he has never given up, not only in the face of great peril but also in the heart of Nezuko.

    He may appear to be a stupid demon slayer, but his affection for Nezuko always helped him get through the most difficult situations.

    He is so attached to Nezuko that he becomes envious whenever someone approaches her.

    He also worries anytime Nezuko is on another mission with Tanjiro and he is not with him.

    Thankfully, Tanjiro roots for Zenitsu to end up with Nezuko, even though he doesn’t really look like it.

    He motivates Zenitsu to gather all the courage in the world and confess to Nezuko before someone gets in his way.

  15. Tanjiro and Kanao

    Tanjiro and Kanao have the purest love story, fueled by kindness. They have had a huge influence on each other and have saved each other in various ways.

    Tanjiro managed to influence Kanao's outlook on life through his kindness, encouragement, and insightful remarks.

    He was the one who made Kanao feel more human again, open up her heart to others, and express more feelings.

    Tanjiro had no idea Kanao had started to develop affection for him. She also began to care for him the most, as she became concerned every time Tanjiro returned to the butterfly estate with serious wounds.

    Their meeting is fated, as Tanjiro and Kanao would not have been able to save humanity from Muzan if they had never crossed paths and found each other.

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