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Komi Can't Communicate: Where Did Komi Get Her Communication Issues?

Where Did Komi Get Her Communication Issues in Komi Can't Communicate?

Komi Can’t Communicate follows Shouko Komi who struggles with communicating with other people. Her extreme social anxiety prevents her from talking to her classmates and even teachers. But where did Komi get her communication issues?

Since the start of the series, fans have been curious about where she got her social anxiety from. So let's find out more below!

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Why Can't Komi Talk?

In the series, it was emphasized that whenever Komi tries to verbalize her thoughts and feelings, her whole body would rattle and become paralyzed.

This could be weird at first, especially for people who cannot relate to her.

The intro of Komi Can't Communicate mentions social anxiety, which is the main reason Komi can't talk to anyone, including her friends and teachers.

Good thing, a classmate of hers named Tadano decided to help her overcome her communication issues. By his side, Komi tries to make 100 friends.

Although it might not be easy, Komi is slowly making progress with Tadano’s help.

This approach will not only help Komi gain friends but also develop a deeper relationship with her peers.

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So, Where Did Komi Get Her Communication Issues?

Where Did Komi Get Her Communication Issues in Komi Can't Communicate? Komi and her father
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In Komi Can't Communicate Season 1 Episode 7, Komi decided to visit a public library. Upon letting her parents know about her plan, her father decided to come with her.

Instead of verbally telling her this, he looked her in the eye, and she immediately understood. This telepathic communication is something that only Komi and her dad have.

But this is just the beginning. The father and daughter did not utter a single word as they walked to the library.

When they saw a store that sells shaved ice, her father just gave Komi a signal that he would treat her, to which she replied silently.

Even as they ate, the two were completely silent.

What's interesting is that in the previous episodes, Komi’s father was able to ask her about school, which was not the case when he ordered for them in the shop.

He used hand gestures, instead of just speaking, to tell their orders and did not paralyze when doing so. This shows their difference in terms of communicating with other people.

From this scene, it can be said that Komi’s father has selective mutism, which is another type of anxiety disorder.

Komi's Communication Issues Explained
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With this communication disorder, Komi’s dad can still communicate with other people depending on the situation. He is also calm even if people are observing him, unlike Komi.

From this episode alone, fans can understand that Komi got her communication issues from her father.

Will she overcome it or even reach a point where she can be calm like her dad? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

Do you think Komi will be able to fix her communication issues? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter!

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