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The 6 Best Anime Worlds You Will Want to Live In

The Best Anime Worlds You Will Want to Live In

It’s natural for everyone to dream about living somewhere else sometimes. After all, a cold, dreary commute to work does little to inspire us. Now, picture what your days would look like in the best anime worlds you will want to live in?

Whether you want an excitement-packed city apartment or an idyllic escape in the country, these fantasy worlds are the perfect place to spend your days – in your imagination, at least.

I’ve come up with this list based on the best places for regular people like you and me to live. Learning how to fight away monsters is totally optional in these picturesque escapes.

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  1. Neo-Venezia: Aria

    I think most people have dreamt of visiting Venice before. Now, imagine Venice but twice as beautiful, and you get the stunning Neo-Venezia.

    Neo-Venezia is a city on a terraformed version of Mars known as Aqua. Just like Venice, it’s a harbour city connected through canals and gondolas. Although, this being anime, it’s serenely perfect, without the tourist crowds of Venice. It’s the perfect setting for such an idyllic series.

    We have to assume that the city of Neo-Venezia is as peaceful and hopeful as the characters in Aria. If so, we can’t think of many better places to spend our days, looking across the water.

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  2. Pure Illusion: Flip Flappers

    For some people, a dream world to live in should be one that’s full of excitement and variety. If that sounds like you, then you might want to start looking for houses in Flip Flappers’ world of Pure Illusion.

    Now, whether this technically counts as a ‘world to live in’ is a bit tricky. There’s actually a lot of science behind it (see umwelt), but essentially, Pure Illusion is a personalised world based on the emotion and perception of the ‘being’ in question. Depending on the being’s environment and feelings, the world can change into a whole myriad of forms.

    So, Pure Illusion changes based on how you feel and where you are at any point. One day, you could be enjoying an endless beach, while the next you’re climbing around crumbling city ruins. Your life would certainly be full of adventure!

  3. Planet Supergrass: Redline

    One of the most lavish anime films of the 21st century, Redline is a world full of beautiful characters and techno-cool planets.

    One of the most notable settings in this galactic race is Planet Supergrass. A literal utopia of beautiful, intelligent sorceresses, their world is full of stunningly exquisite things and lots of parties.

    If your idea of paradise is a superfast world full of nightclubs and beautiful people, then this is the dream destination for you!

  4. Axel: Konosuba

    Thanks to the huge popularity of isekai anime, we often get to see what happens when people get dropped into a fantasy anime world. As we discover, many fantasy anime worlds have their own problems, such as poverty, crime or external threats.

    However, the city of Axel in the comedy anime Konosuba is a slice of paradise. Thanks to having famous adventurers, mages and even members of the Devil’s army retire in the city, many potential enemies leave it well alone. Axel is also never short on food thanks to the huge amount of adventurers that work for the city.

    If you dream of an idyllic time in a fantasy world in your next life, a ticket to Axel is probably one of the best you can find.

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  5. The World of Interviews With Monster Girls

    Sometimes, all the world needs is a little tweaking. If you quite like where you are right now but just wish for a bit more anime magic, this is the destination for you!

    Interviews with Monster Girls takes place in a world just like our own. Except, here, demi-humans are a common and accepted part of society. So, you can live a normal life while catching up with your next-door neighbour who also happens to be a dullahan.

  6. Alola: Pokemon

    Everybody knows how idyllic the world of Pokemon is, with people and monsters living in perfect harmony. Most of the Pokemon settings make for a great escape depending on your tastes, but we’ve gone for the Hawaiian-inspired Alola.

    Whether you want to while away the days at a beach resort, live a simple farm life or explore mountains with your Pokemon, the world is your oyster in Alola!

If you had to be a normal civilian, which anime world would you choose to live in?

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