What Gender is Najimi in Komi Can’t Communicate?

What Gender is Najimi in Komi Can’t Communicate?

What Gender is Najimi in Komi Can’t Communicate?

There are a lot of different charms that make Komi Can’t Communicate such a popular series. Beyond Komi and Tadano’s chemistry, there are a plethora of funny side characters to enjoy, the most important being Najimi. The fun-loving character brings the story together, but many fans are unsure what gender Najimi is in Komi Can’t Communicate.

Who is Osana Najimi?

What Gender is Osana Najimi in Komi Can’t Communicate?
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In a story led by socially-awkward characters, Osana Najimi is the polar opposite.

Osana Najimi is the most outgoing person in the Komi Can’t Communicate universe. They are always looking for something fun or exciting to do and will usually drag their friends along with them. Komi and Tadano are usually put into uncomfortable situations as a result of Najimi’s social ideas.

While Komi is trying to make 100 friends, Najimi is already friends with almost everyone in Itan High School. The reason for this is that, before high school, Najimi got transferred a lot and hence is childhood friends with most characters.

Their name is actually a play on the phrase Osananajimi, which roughly translates as ‘childhood friend’.

What is Najimi’s Gender?

What is Najimi's Gender in Komi Can’t Communicate?
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Najimi’s gender is not known by anyone, or at least never explicitly revealed. The character is designed to be ambiguous in this regard.

Some fans have pointed to evidence in the Komi Can’t Communicate manga to say that Najimi is biologically male. However, some of that is put down to mistranslations. It is also suggested that the manga purposely switches between male, female and neutral pronouns.

In the anime, the Japanese voice actor usually uses he/him pronouns to refer to themselves as Najimi, but the voice actor themselves is female.

Najimi has been referred to differently by different groups. Some see Najimi as genderfluid, while others recognise them as genderqueer or potentially a trans woman. Again, nothing has been explicitly confirmed.

As fans tend to say when this question comes up, Najimi is Najimi.

Regardless of what their gender might be, it’s great to see such a fun and important genderfluid character! Komi Can't Communicate’s LGBTQ+ representation is so important, and I hope we can see more Najimis in more shows in the future.

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