Will Komi Reach 100 Friends in Komi Can’t Communicate?

Will Komi Reach 100 Friends in Komi Can't Communicate?
Credit: OLM

Will Komi Reach 100 Friends in Komi Can't Communicate?
Credit: OLM

Komi Can't Communicate introduces us to the main character, Komi Shoko, as she is discovered as a beautiful girl with a communication disorder by her classmate, Tadano Hitohito. As a result, Tadano offers his assistance to Komi, kicking off their friendship in the series. As a result, fans are left wondering, will Komi reach 100 friends in Komi Can't Communicate?

Furthermore, Komi Can't Communicate Season 1 introduces a slew of new characters to add to Komi-san's evolving story. From the gender bender Najimi Osana to the masochistic Agari Himiko to the fiction enthusiast Nakanaka Omoharu to the closet yandere Ren Yamai and her friends.

Overall, Komi-san has been through a lot, from the day she first met Tadano to the end of the cultural festival, where Komi participated as one of the maids in the 1-1 class' Maid Café. Tadano, I'm sure you're a proud father to Komi-san!

Why Komi Can't Communicate?

Why Komi Can't Communicate? Will Komi Reach 100 Friends
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Credit: OLM

Komi-san, in case you missed it, is unable to communicate due to severe anxiety and a talking disorder. Although there is no clear explanation, it is widely assumed that Komi-san inherited her father's personality and characteristics, which resulted in her current behavior.

Komi-san, unlike her mother, is almost always silent and maintains an empathetic expression. As a result, those around her believe Komi-san is a snobbish girl who refuses to talk to anyone, especially those who do not appreciate her incredible features.

Many characters in Komi Can't Communicate bring it up because they regard Komi-san as an unapproachable goddess with whom no mere mortal is worthy to be her friend.

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What is Komi's Dream in Komi Can't Communicate?

What is Komi-san's Dream in Komi Can't Communicate? Will Komi Reach 100 Friends
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Credit: OLM

Komi-san dreams of having 100 friends during her high school years, as revealed in the anime. Tadano Hitohito, her seatmate, discovers her communication difficulties and helps her take the first step toward realizing her dream.

While Komi-san is hesitant to open up to Tadano, the latter makes her feel at ease by communicating with her on the same blackboard she was using. Tadano, whose defining characteristic is his ability to correctly read a situation, manages to reach Komi-san's awkward and dorky side.

Having said that, Tadano began assisting Komi by introducing her to his childhood friend Najima Osana, who is thought to have effective social skills and can help Komi-san's progress.

He also assisted her in a number of classroom discussions in which the professor asked Komi-san to continue reading a passage from a story, assume the role of class president, and eat lunch with her. By the end of Komi Can't Communicate Season 1, Komi-san makes at least 10-15 new friends, including Tadano and Najima.

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Who are Komi's Friends in Komi Can't Communicate?

Who are Komi's Friends in Komi Can't Communicate? Will Komi Reach 100 Friends
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Credit: OLM

Hitohito Tadano is well-known for being Komi-first san's friend in Komi Can't Communicate Season 1. He is Komi-san's current seatmate, and he discovers her communication disorder.

The gender bender Najimi Osana, who is everyone's childhood friend at school, enters the picture next. While Najimi is hesitant to become Komi's friend because of a previous experience, he decides to give it another shot, only to discover Komi-true san's nature.

Agiri Himiko is third on the list, and she considers himself Komi-san's masochistic dog. Not to mention Yamai Ren, the closet yandere, and her group of popular friends.

There's also Yadano-san, who sees Komi-san as her main rival, not just in physical exams but in life in general. Aside from that, Komi-san makes a blood pact with the out-of-touch Nakanaka-san, who is obsessed with Dragon Force. Finally, the older sister-like Onemine-san, and the slow but adorable Otori-san.

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Will Komi Reach 100 Friends in Komi Can’t Communicate?

Will Komi Reach 100 Friends in Komi Can't Communicate-2
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Credit: OLM

Based on the flow of the story, Komi-san is expected to make 100 friends before the series ends. Although the battle is far from over, Komi-san's determination to achieve her goal aids her in making new friends.

While her inner circle is becoming increasingly crowded by her eccentric classmates, Komi-san treasures the new bonds she forms with them. In fact, she openly appreciates each of them, even if it doesn't always show on her face.

It is also assumed that Komi-san will be able to communicate more effectively in the future because the manga has revealed many of Komi-san's hidden characteristics. As a result, it is only natural to expect Komi-san to make 100 friends as she matures from a shy and self-conscious young lady to a more confident oujousan.

Komi-san now has the opportunity to see life from a different perspective, thanks to Tadano's encouragement and support. An opportunity to reveal her true self behind her outward appearance and persona of being a popular and beautiful girl.

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