Anime Characters That Could Beat Chainsaw Man

Anime Characters That Could Beat Chainsaw Man
Credit: MAPPA

Anime Characters That Could Beat Chainsaw Man
Credit: MAPPA

As Chainsaw Man, Denji has won almost every battle he's been part of. But are there stronger anime characters out there? Here are some anime characters that could beat Chainsaw Man.

Of course, since different anime worlds have their own mechanics, we can't be entirely sure how any given battle with Chainsaw Man would go, but it's fun to speculate.

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  1. Lelouch Could Order Chainsaw Man to Lose

    Lelouch is the most popular anime character for good reason. Not only is he a great mastermind but he also has the power to dominate others -- and the ability to use it smartly.

    While physical strength isn't his forte, Lelouch only needs eye contact to command his opponents to do whatever he wants them to.

    Granted, he can only do so once per person, so he would likely be unable to keep beating Chainsaw Man indefinitely.

    But if he was clever about it, he could even use his one chance to order Denji never to win a fight against him.

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  2. Light Yagami Could Write Denji's Name on Death Note

    Light Yagami is one of the smartest anime characters of all time and he has a deadly weapon in his pocket.

    Those wondering if Chainsaw Man can die should remember that Denji can regenerate fast even when hurt beyond recognition.

    That being said, we aren't sure if he'd survive having his name written on Death Note.

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  3. Lucy's Range Attack Could Destroy Denji's Chainsaws

    As strong as Chainsaw Man is, range isn't his strongest point given that his chainsaws are firmly attached to his body.

    Elfen Lied's Lucy is a powerful Diclonius -- a member of a new, mutated species.

    Diclonii have very long, invisible limbs known as vectors that range from one meter to worldwide.

    Lucy is very strong, and while she wouldn't necessarily kill Chainsaw Man, we can definitely see her winning one or more battles against him.

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  4. Eren's Titan Forms Might Be Too Much for Chainsaw Man

    Eren Yaeger has come a long way from a young boy trying to protect his people to the show's main villain.

    Amongst other powers, Eren is able to turn into a Titan. While Chainsaw Man has often beaten oversized enemies, a Titan's height would make things difficult for him.

    To make things even more complicated for Chainsaw Man, Eren has military training while Denji does not, and discipline isn't his strong suit.

    Denji can regenerate infinitely but so can Eren. And while chainsaws are nothing to laugh at, it would be hard to predict the outcome of a battle between the two!

  5. Goku Is One of the Strongest Characters of All Time

    Goku is one of the strongest anime characters of all time. It's no surprise then that his name would come up in a list of characters that could beat Chainsaw Man.

    As Earth's defender, Goku hasn't failed to meet any of the challenges he has faced so far.

    Ultra Instinct, one of his newest abilities, makes him harder than ever to beat.

  6. Saiki Kasuo Would Be Able to Predict Denji's Moves

    Saiki Kusuo is no world defender like others on this list. But his powers are still quite significant, even if he tries to avoid using them and live normally.

    Teleporting, psychokinesis, and the ability to alter memories are among Saiki's coolest powers.

    Granted, they are not chainsaws and Denji has an excellent track record of defeating scarier enemies.

    But Denji doesn't have that much foresight nor does he make the smartest choices, so Saiki's mind powers might be hard on him.

  7. Alucard Hunts His Own Kind

    As an overpowered vampire, Alucard has the potential to be a very scary opponent.

    He's a ruthless antihero who works for the Hellsing organization, hunting his own kind without mercy.

    In that, you can even say that he and Denji have something in common.

    Since becoming Chainsaw Man, Denji hunts other devils, though, as a Hybrid, he isn't entirely like them.

    If Alucard's full power was unleashed, we would expect Denji to have a very hard time.

  8. Kaneki Is More Ruthless and Experienced

    Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul shares a similar background with Denji in that he used to be a normal human before developing hybrid abilities.

    Compared to Denji, whose motivations are much simpler, Kaneki walked down a darker path for a while.

    Both characters have wild powers and the ability to regenerate, but Kaneki's are superior.

    Moreover, he's currently more experienced and trained in battle compared to Denji who still has a lot to learn.

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  9. Kyubey Is Immortal and Very Sinister

    Kyubey might seem like a cute animal sidekick, which is not unlike Pochita. But Kyubey's sinister nature makes them more like Makima.

    Since Kyubey seems more interested in targeting female characters with the potential of becoming magical girls, Denji would likely be safe.

    However, if a fight did happen, we can see Kyubey beating Chainsaw Man.

    Their high-level magic, ability to teleport, become invisible, and telepathically communicate would mess up Chainsaw Man.

    To make things more chilling, Kyubey can grant wishes, though this usually happens in a cruel and twisted way that's not unlike the Control Devil in Chainsaw Man.

  10. Satoru Gojo Would Give Denji a Hard Time

    While it's true that Chainsaw Man has won most of his battles, Denji is still very much a shounen anime protagonist, and there are limitations in his knowledge and experience.

    Satoru Gojo is Jujutsu Kaisen's strongest sorcerer. Moreover, he's immensely strong, a brilliant tactician, a master of hand-to-hand combat, and overall, one of the coolest overpowered characters ever.

    We wouldn't go so far as to say he'd kill Chainsaw Man -- given that we don't know how jujutsu sorcery and devil powers would interact, but we do think that Denji would have a very hard time beating him.

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  11. Ruby Rose's Silver Eyes Could Hurt Denji

    RWBY's Ruby Rose has silver eyes that allow her to defeat Grimm -- her setting's monsters.

    This ability doesn't work on non-Grimm and, due to a different cosmogony, there are no devils as such in her world.

    However, we can't help wondering if her eyes could work against devils.

    Given that even non-evil examples like Denji and Power are still associated with hell, we think it's likely that Ruby's magical eyes could cause Chainsaw Man some damage, albeit temporarily.

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