Do Kaneki and Touka Get Together in Tokyo Ghoul?

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Kaneki and Touka Together in Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul, for all its incredible fighting scenes, is just as much about the relationships Ken Kaneki forms across the ghouls’ world.

While initially cold towards him, Touka Kirishima ends up being one of Kaneki’s closest friends in the show. As their relationship gets closer, many fans hope that Kaneki and Touka get together in Tokyo Ghoul.

Fate tends to play a harsh game against Kaneki. Will he manage to experience a happy ever after with the story’s main female protagonist?

Do Kaneki and Touka Get Together?

Kaneki and Touka together in Tokyo Ghoul
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Yes! Romance fans rejoice, Kaneki and Touka are officially shipped.

At the start of the series, Touka is aggressive towards Kaneki, the human-turned-ghoul. However, after he helps her out and becomes stronger, she begins to warm up to and trust him. That changes, however, when Kaneki leaves Anteiku, effectively putting them on different sides in an escalating conflict.

However, near the end of Tokyo Ghoul:re, the two cross paths again. Reunited, they eventually confess their love for each other, resulting in an unexpected sex scene near the end of the show!

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Do Kaneki and Touka Get Married?

Kaneki and Touka getting married in Tokyo Ghoul
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Yes! Not only do they confess their love for each other, but we also get to see the two of them get married.

Not long after they first make love, the two of them get married as ghouls, leaving scars on each other’s bodies as a sign of their never-ending love.

Who is Kaneki and Touka’s Child?

Kaneki and Touka's child Ichika Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul
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If that wasn’t enough for romance fans, the story goes one step further.

Not long after they first have sex, it’s revealed that Touka is pregnant. At the end of the series, we see her and Kaneki living happily as a family with their newborn child.

Kaneki and Touka’s child is a girl called Ichika Kaneki. She shares many traits with her parents, particularly Kaneki, such as light hair and a red left eye.


Kaneki and Toula are a fantastic anime couple, and many fans will be pleased to hear that they achieve some form of happily ever after by the end of Tokyo Ghoul.

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