The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time

Who doesn’t love the strongest anime characters? Be it a hero or a protagonist, these characters continue to amaze us with their immeasurable abilities. Some characters start at the bottom and as the story progressed, we see their development in terms of personality and skills.

On the other hand, there are characters who were born with powerful abilities that urged them to do good deeds, or in some cases, turn them into villains.

Whichever path they decide to take, it will not erase the fact that these characters are the strongest in their respective series. Our list was based on the characters’ special skills, durability, and combat style.

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1. Saitama

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time Saitama
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Through the series, One Punch Man, Saitama has proven that he deserves to be on this list. In that world, he was considered the greatest hero as he can defeat his enemies with a single punch. Although the source of his abilities was unknown, the series showed that he developed his powers through extensive training.

What sets him apart from other heroes is that he does not need to push himself to the limit to defeat his enemies. One punch can save the day. There was no single moment in the series where he struggled or felt weak.

2. Son Goku

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time Goku
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Son Goku is the Earth’s greatest defender. Some consider him as an obsessive warrior but his passion could come from his affection towards the people on Earth. He is diligent and hardworking, which helped him reach his maximum power through extreme training.

In Dragon Ball, he was able to overcome all of the challenges given to him. Additionally, his Saiyan blood can boost his strength. He recently got a new ability called Ultra Instinct which, again, makes him more powerful than ever.

3. Saiki Kusuo

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time Saiki
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Unlike most heroes, Saiki wanted to have a normal life. He was born with amazing abilities: teleportation, memory alteration, and psychokinesis, among others. He yearned to have a typical boring life so he kept his powers a secret.

From his abilities alone, it was obvious why he was part of the list. He can instantly win a battle just by knowing the thoughts of his enemies or controlling them at his will. No physical ability can beat his mind powers.

4. Alucard

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time Alucard
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Aside from being the main leader, Alucard is considered the most powerful weapon in the organization. He received his power after he became a vampire but he works against them and other supernatural forces. His vampire abilities are further strengthened with his other skills like reading minds and walking through solid objects.

To complete the package, he uses handguns that can eliminate enemies easily (as if he could not do that already with his bare hands). Alucard has all the elements a strong character has which obviously makes him a perfect addition to this list.

5. Satoru Gojo

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time Gojo
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Working as a professor at Tokyo Jujutsu High and being a special grade Jujutsu sorcerer is no joke but Satoru Gojo can take both roles easily. He is the strongest sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen as he uses a powerful technique and holds an immense amount of cursed energy.

The series showed that he is a formidable martial artist that immediately gives him the upper hand in battles. Combine with his tactical intellect, Gojo can easily figure out the next move and find a counter-attack to finish the battle easily. Let us not forget that he is an attractive man who can win the hearts of many people.

6. Naruto Uzumaki

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time Naruto
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No one would have thought that an overly confident ninja can be one of the strongest anime characters of all time. Naruto started as a character who has a Nine-Tailed Demon Fox inside him, providing him with a great amount of chakra. As he grew up, he learned various techniques that allowed him to beat various enemies.

He can now protect his village alone with his polished techniques and improved abilities. Though he has some moments when he was weak, Naruto’s journey to becoming the Hokage made him an inspiring character for anime lovers.

7. Eren Yeager

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time Eren
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Just like Naruto, Eren started at the bottom. His abilities in his human form are lower than average soldiers but once Eren transforms into a Titan, he can be dangerous. While being the Attack Titan makes him a strong character, it was later revealed that he is also the Founding Titan, giving him the ability to control other Titans.

He gained the power of the War-Hammer Titan too, eventually turning him into a Titan that no one wanted to fight with. Some might consider him greedy for desperately wanting to accumulate more power but Eren has his own reasons.

8. Ken Kaneki

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time Kaneki
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Ken Kaneki is an average nerd who studies Japanese Literature at Kamii University. His life changed after he had an incident and Rize’s Kakuhou was transplanted inside him. He instantly became a One-Eyed Ghoul with immense capabilities.

He became well-versed in martial arts, improved his superhuman mobility, and acquired immense strength. He is also known for his high-level pain tolerance and advanced intellect that pushed him to become an anti-hero. Kaneki, like Eren, has his own reasons why he decided to go on a different path.

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9. Kageyama Shigo

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time Mob
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Also known as Mob, Kageyama Shino’s strength lies in his thoughts. He is the type of hero who just uses his powers whenever it is necessary, which proved effective at all times. Mob struggles to control his powers which is not surprising as his abilities are out of this world. Even he was afraid of his capabilities.

Despite this, Mob should be part of this list for various reasons: strong psychic energy, chlorokinesis, barrier creation, and more. He can also project his spirit outside of his body and track energy through a 100% Obsession state. Imagine if Mob was able to control his powers. What more techniques can he do?

10. Kyubey

The Strongest Anime Characters of All Time Kyubey
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Last but not the least, Kyubey might fool people because of his cute looks but his abilities can wipe out anything in existence. This character is low in terms of physical strength but his manipulation abilities help him get away from trouble and achieve his goal which is destruction.

Did we mention that he is immortal too? He was mainly created to end the world, and no one can stop him. His overwhelming power can easily beat his opponents without trying too hard.

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