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Why Is Chainsaw Man So Powerful? Devil’s Power Explained

Why is Chainsaw Man So Powerful Devil’s Power Explained Chainsaw Man
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The devils are one of Chainsaw Man's biggest appeals. They are terrifying creatures that feed on people's fears to grow stronger. They also take various forms, and most of the time, they enter into a contract with a foolish and daring human. But of all the devils in the series, why is Chainsaw Man so powerful?

Spoiler Warning: There are Chainsaw Man manga spoilers ahead that go up until the Control Devil Arc.

How Strong Is Denji?

How Strong is Denji Denji
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To determine Chainsaw Man's strength, we must first ascertain Denji's vigor.

Denji, unlike most people, is a very resilient person. Even after selling some of his body parts, such as one of his kidneys, his balls, and even his right eye, he was able to survive.

Denji learned how to adapt to his surroundings at a young age. He knows how to fend for himself and stay alive, even if it means doing something that others would consider petty or irrational.

Given that he can only eat bread, his physical prowess is impressive. His mental fortitude is also admirable, as he can see the silver lining in his miserable and desperate situation.

Since he reached puberty, Denji hunted devils together with the Chainsaw Devil himself, Pochita, in dog form.

Unbeknownst to Denji, Pochita is a very powerful devil who wandered off to Earth after escaping the Four Horsemen and some Weapon Devils.

Denji accepted Pochita into his life despite the fact that he didn't know how to be responsible for someone else's life.

Nonetheless, he freely shared his blood with Pochita in order to help him heal his injuries.

This only strengthened Denji as he stood the test of time with Pochita amidst the chaos around the both of them.

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How Strong Is Chainsaw Man?

How Strong is Chainsaw Man Chainsaw Man
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Chainsaw Man is so powerful that not all devils can compete with him head-to-head, especially when in full devil form.

He has increased his strength and speed, and he can easily defeat multiple hybrid demons.

In fact, he has killed Makima 26 times in his full devil form, which is a tremendous accomplishment.

Other devils must be brave to fight him because he has the power to erase them from existence indefinitely.

This is not to say that all devils fear him; there are many devils and hybrids out there who want his heart and power, including Makima and even Reze.

Denji the Chainsaw Man, like other hybrids, is nearly impossible to kill. Denji can be brought back to life in perfect condition as long as the cord on his chest is pulled.

Pochita, the Chainsaw Man's heart implanted in Denji, must be ripped from him in order to be killed.

It doesn't matter if Denji is dismembered or decapitated—or even shot or thrown from a high building—he can still resurrect. He can also regenerate and heal wounds simply by drinking blood.

Denji can swing his chainsaw arms back and forth without remorse as long as he gets blood in his mouth.

One instance of this is when he fought the Eternity Devil for three days, drinking the devil's blood as his own supply.

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Why Is Chainsaw Man So Powerful?

Chainsaw Man is so powerful because Tatsuki Fujimoto created him that way. He is the series' main protagonist, so he has a lot of power-ups, skills, abilities, and strengths that are superior to those of other devils.

Second, Chainsaw Man becomes even stronger as a result of his fusion with Denji, who is already powerful in his own right.

Chainsaw Man could throw himself into danger without thinking about it because the two of them were built that way.

Why is Chainsaw Man So Powerful Chainsaw Man
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Credit: MAPPA

They're both so used to fighting that it's become a way of life for them. They will never stop moving their hands and feet, or even their entire body, in battle.

At the end of the day, they have nothing left to lose because they have already lost everything, making them a very dangerous opponent.

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