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Adult Swim's Tuca & Bertie Is Canceled (Again)

Tuca & Bertie was initially canceled after only running its first season on Netflix, which was then picked up by Adult Swim for a second season. However, show creator Lisa Hanawalt just announced on her Twitter that Tuca & Bertie has been (yet again) canceled after 2 seasons.

The adult series was first released on Netflix in May 2019 before it was canceled that same summer. Although there is no exact reason why Tuca & Bertie was exactly canceled twice, the adult animation’s female-focused storytelling was unique and similar to hit shows like Big Mouth and Harley Quinn that deals with mental health, sex, gender equality, and crises dealt by women every day — in the form of anthropomorphic birds named Tuca and Bertie.

With the caption: Goodbye to Tuca & Bertie, for now :(, the show creator took to Twitter a short message on how fulfilling it was to have at least been given a shot to Tuca & Bertie, as well as working with Adult Swim in bringing the show to life. You can read her tweet here. Read her full quote below:

“Working with Adult Swim was very creatively fulfilling, our exec[utive]s were all smart and thoughtful and I’m grateful that we got the space to make all these wild and heartfelt episodes about things that matter to me very much. I’m so proud of the work done by all my talented co-workers and collaborators on this show.”

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Credit: Netflix

Show creator Hanawalt finished her message off with a bittersweet but hopeful new beginning of her journey, and even teased fans that she had a different ending to Tuca & Bertie in mind and she does not intend to stop creating just because of the cancellation:

“I still have a beautiful and weird ending to T&B in mind, hopefully someday we’ll get the chance to finish this story. In the meantime, I’m not done creating, I’ve witnessed so many people connecting with this show on a profound level, and I intend to keep telling stories like this, no matter what.”

You can catch Tuca & Bertie streaming on HBO Max, while Netflix still has its Season 1.

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