Harley Quinn Unveils Season 3 Episode Titles

There's been a lot of anticipation for the third season of the HBO Max animated series Harley Quinn, especially since it's been two years since the second season ended which gave us a cliffhanger on Harley and Poison Ivy's blossoming relationship. As we are patiently waiting for its return, another new details have emerged regarding the episodes of the upcoming season.

Spoiler TV has unveiled the episode titles for the upcoming third season of Harley Quinn. You can check them below:

  • Episode 3.01 - Harlivy
  • Episode 3.02 - There’s No Ivy In Team
  • Episode 3.03 - The 83Rd Annual Villy Awards
  • Episode 3.04 - A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy
  • Episode 3.05 - It’s A Swamp Thing
  • Episode 3.06 - Joker: The Killing Vote
  • Episode 3.07 - Another Sharkley Adventure
  • Episode 3.08 - Batman Begins Forever
  • Episode 3.09 - Climax At Jazzapajizza
  • Episode 3.10 - The Horse And The Sparrow (Season Finale)

Executive producer Patrick Schumacker also unveiled on Twitter another sneak photo of the upcoming season where we see Harley and Ivy being part of the Court of Owls. In the caption, he wrote that we should expect an announcement regarding the series today.

The episode titles gave us some clues about what we might possibly expect in the upcoming series. The first episode definitely hints that it will revolve around Harley and Ivy's relationship as well as possibly in the second episode. It also looks like the fifth episode will introduce Swamp Thing, which was previously teased by one of the co-executive producers.

The sixth episode sounds like they're going to do their comedic take on the infamous The Killing Joke story as the title suggested. The eighth episode title is obviously a play on the Batman movies Batman Begins and Batman Forever which hints that the Caped Crusader will have a significant role in that episode.

It's very exciting to see what they have in store in the upcoming season. As the titles suggested, it looks like it is yet again going to be another bonkers and hilarious season and the wait is going to be worth it.

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The third season of Harley Quinn is set to premiere this July on HBO Max.

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