BoJack Horseman Creator Says Netflix Doesn’t Give Shows Time to Build Audiences Anymore

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BoJack Horseman just premiered the first half of its final season and while a lot of people are sad to see it go, it has admittedly gotten a healthy lifespan on Netflix. Raphael Bob-Waksberg is known to have said that he wished the show went on for longer, and he laments that Netflix has kind of changes its way when it comes to their original content.

Talking to The LA Times, Raphael Bob-Waksberg talks about the canceled Tuca & Bertie and goes on about Netflix's change in approach. Bob-Waksberg says, "When we started on BoJack, it was understood that the Netflix model was to give shows time to find an audience and to build that audience, and I remember being told, 'We expect the biggest day BoJack Season 1 is going to have is when we launch BoJack Season 2. We didn't get a full two-season pickup, but that was the understanding, that these things take time to build. It was my understanding that that was, at the time, the Netflix model: to give shows time to build. I think it's a shame that they seem to have moved away from that model."


On the surface, BoJack Horseman is admittedly a very weird concept, but it was Netflix's persistence to stick to the series that has allowed it to grow into the fantastic show that it is today. Nowadays, it seems that Netflix doesn't have the luxury to "take time" anymore, seeing that they have a lot of content compared to before, and there is now a steady rise of competitors like Disney+ and HBO Max.

Though it's a bummer that Netflix's new model seems to be sacrificing more daring projects like BoJack, I'm hoping that they find the time to take risks in the future again, counting the Streaming Wars brings a whole new equilibrium to the table.

For now, the final half of BoJack Horseman 6 is set to come out on Jan. 31, 2020.

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