Netflix Renews Big Mouth for Three More Seasons

It was just announced last week that Netflix has cancelled Tuca & Bertie, but it looks like one animated Netflix show is going to be staying a while longer. Nick Kroll just announced that we're getting three more seasons of the coming-of-age cartoon, Big Mouth.

Here's his official announcement:

It was already announced last year that Big Mouth would be getting a third season, so this must mean that a fourth season has been greenlit all the way to Season 6. We don't really have any trailer for Big Mouth Season 3 yet, but the show is expected to return in the fall, and when it comes to animated shows, Netflix usually just releases trailers a month before.

Besides the second season, the last we got of Big Mouth was the Valentine special My Furry Valentine. It doesn't really do anything to push the main story forward, but it does give us a teaser of the relationship between Connie the Hormone Monster and Nick.

Besides BoJack Horseman, I have to say that Big Mouth is one of the more clever animated shows on Netflix. The gross-out humor is admittedly not for everyone, but the show manages to tackle a lot of aspects about growing up—including the ugly bits—that gives it its unique voice.

Not to mention the music if fantastic:

No release date has been set for Big Mouth Season 3 yet, but it's expected to come back to Netflix sometime this fall.

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