Star Wars: Daisy Ridley Teases Possible Return as Rey

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February 23, 2021  09:36 AM

It looks like Rey's story is far from over. Daisy Ridley has just admitted she is ready to return to the Star Wars Universe and revisit the character.

Ridley rose to fame after she was cast the mysterious Force-sensitive girl from Jakku in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Since then, the Star Wars: The Force Awakens actress has become one of Hollywood's young A-listers.

But would she want to reprise her role as Rey, who is now the official Skywalker successor? Ridley was asked about this during an interview featured in the April 2021 issue of Empire (via Gamespot) and she said, "never say never."

"I'm always open to a revisit," Ridley said. However, she also pointed out that the Star Wars Universe has other amazing stories to tell. 

"But also the beautiful thing is it's this wonderful, huge universe with all of these stories that have yet to be told. I think there's a lot of cool things to be made before any potential revisit," Ridley said.

But don't expect to see Rey again in another Star Wars project soon. Ridley pointed out that "that's a bye-bye for now" for the character.

Rey may have only been introduced in The Force Awakens but the character has already been so much in only three movies. She went from being a random scavenger to being one of the most powerful Force-users in the galaxy.

In Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, Rey's fate was left open. With that in mind, there's a chance we'll see her again in the future.

For now, Ridley will appear in Chaos Walking, which also stars Spider-Man 3 actor Tom Holland. The film is scheduled for release on March 5.

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