Star Wars: Daisy Ridley 'Grieves' the Ending of the Skywalker Saga

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Say what you will about Disney's Star Wars sequel trilogy but despite the fact that a lot of people criticize it, there are still fans who genuinely enjoyed the ride. By no means are the sequels the best part of the Skywalker saga but it still has its redeeming qualities. One of which is Rey played by actress Daisy Ridley who in my honest opinion was among the characters that carried the trilogy.

Rey discovering her Sith powers in Episode 9.
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Credit: Lucasfilm

"Mary Sue" argument aside, I've always believed that having a female lead in the Skywalker saga made everything feel so refreshing and it was totally a welcome change. Now, close to two years after the sequels wrapped, Daisy is sharing her emotional final day on the set of The Rise of Skywalker.

In a recent conversation with People, Ridley shared that she couldn't stop crying on set during Episode 9's final day of filming. She said: "When we wrapped [The Rise of Skywalker] I wept all day. I felt like I was going to pop a vein because I was crying so much… Obviously not to say that it was like grieving, but it was grieving something. I'll always have it, and we're all bonded by this incredible thing."

Although the Skywalker saga has reached its apex, The Rise of Skywalker's divisive ending left the door wide open for Rey to make her return to the franchise. However, recent rumors have suggested that Disney is toying with the idea of removing the entire sequel trilogy from continuity and while I'd be interested in seeing it go down, I think I have a better suggestion.

Instead of redoing the last three films in the saga, I feel like Disney and Lucasfilm could still redeem themselves by just creating a brand new trilogy that will focus on Rey's exploits after Episode 9.

It could also be a way to give characters like Finn and Poe a proper story without having to erase traces of Episodes 7, 8, and 9. I mean, they left the door wide open anyway so might as well pull the trigger.

You can relive the entire Skywalker saga by streaming it on Disney+.

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